February 3, 2023

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Phone call with Zelenskyj: Netanyahu promises to talk about military aid to Kyiv

Phone call with Zelenskyj
Netanyahu promised to negotiate military aid to Kiev

Israel does not have many allies in the UN General Assembly. Ukraine also fell into the opposite camp when it came to voting on Palestinian issues. New Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu wants to change that. Kyiv’s demanding air defense systems may play a role in this.

In the war in Ukraine, Israel above all indicated its willingness to supply weapons to Kiev. Like an American news portal Axes Report, is Benjamin Netanyahu is the new Prime Minister of Israel He called Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Friday evening. During the conversation, Netanyahu reportedly asked Zelensky to vote for Israel’s position or abstain from voting in the UN General Assembly. In return, Selenskij reportedly asked for Israel’s support in defending against Russian missiles and Iranian drones.

The referendum was held on whether the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague should investigate Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories since 1967. In the first referendum, Ukraine voted for one choice – out of anger Israeli denialTo support the country militarily against Russia.

According to the report, Netanyahu wanted to gauge on Friday whether Ukraine and other governments are willing to change their minds to strengthen Israel’s position on the world political stage. Selenskyj is said to have signaled a basic willingness to provide support. However, the Ukrainian president instructed his ambassador to the UN General Assembly to abstain from the vote, as Netanyahu did not want to make a firm commitment on arms deliveries.

Netanyahu was disappointed

Axios quoted an Israeli government representative as saying that Zelensky’s decision disappointed Netanyahu. Nevertheless, the leadership in Kiev remains cautiously optimistic that they will “give the relationship with Netanyahu a chance” – supporting the State of Israel in deterring Russian airstrikes. Netanyahu is said to have promised Zelensky further talks ahead of the UN General Assembly vote. Not sure if this promise is still valid.

The resolution was finally adopted by a large majority in the UN General Assembly without Ukrainian votes: 87 countries voted for the ICJ review of Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories. 24 countries voted against and 53 countries abstained. “Today’s resolution is not binding on the Israeli government, unlike hundreds of twisted UN General Assembly resolutions against Israel,” Netanyahu later said publicly. “The Jewish people neither occupied their land nor occupied Jerusalem, their eternal capital.”

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