November 29, 2022

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Phyllis will sign Brad Hand

Phyllis will sign Brad Hand

9:46 am: The Phillies and Hand agree to a one-year deal that guarantees him $6 million, Reports Jeff Bassan from ESPN. Hand crafted by Jet Sports Management.

9:20 am: The Velez family is in talks with the left-wing free agent Brad HandAnd the Tweets John Heyman of the MLB Network. He will be the third notable addition to the Phils reins so far this season, and he will likely join in sooner Corey Nebel (which occurred before the closing) and the righteous Juris Familiawho agreed to the terms on Saturday.

Hand, 32 next week, is a three-time All-Star but is in need of a rebound campaign after struggling with a lackluster bid between the Nationals, Blue Jays and Mets in 2021. Washington signed her for one year, worth $10.5 million last winter, Hand posted a solid 3.89 ERA with Nats, albeit with a significant drop in strike rate of 23.1%.

Things went awry for Hand after a July business deal with Blue Jays, as the leftist never found a foothold in Toronto. Hand was logged in five of his 11 appearances with Jays, ultimately resulting in 10 runs (seven gained) over 13 strokes and three runs in just 8 2/3 innings. Hand ended up being assigned the task in August and the Mets demanded it, turning things around somewhat: seven runs (four earned) on twelve strokes and five walks with 14 strikes in 13 1/3 innings.

Finally, the Hand’s 2021 season ended with a respectable 3.90 ERA that was way north from the 2.70 ERA he scored over an extended 2016-20 period punctuated by three All-Star nods. The strike rate of 21.9% last year was its lowest since moving to full-time office work in 2016, and the walk rate of 9.4% was the second-worst mark posted by Hand since that switch to relief work. It wasn’t all bad news for Hand, as his average fastball speed rebounded to 93.3 mph after dropping to 91.5 mph in 2020; From 2016-19, Hand averaged 93.4 mph on his Fastball, so last year’s mark is perfectly in line with Hand’s speed from his peak performance.

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Hand will join the aforementioned Knebel and Familia in taking on a late Bullpen Joe Girardi role. It would also have given the Phils a third left option along with the fireball Jose Alvarado and request a waiver Ryan Sharif. Right-handers Seranthony DominguezAnd the Sam ConrodAnd the Conor Brogdon And the Nick Nelson Among the options that can be completed relief corps if a deal to bring the hand into the fold does not come to fruition in the end. The Phillies project is currently for about $200 million in payroll, and they’re south of the new first tier of $230 million in luxury tax fines.