December 10, 2022

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Pig trafficking in Great Britain: Visa for 800 foreign killers

Status: 10/15/2021 1:33 p.m.

There is no end to Britain’s labor crisis: large numbers of butchers are missing. To prevent further suffering for animals, the government is issuing 800 work visas to skilled workers abroad.

Hundreds of foreign butchers are said to have eased the congestion of pork on British farms. By the end of the year, 800 skilled workers will be able to apply for temporary work visas. The government announced in London. You can stay in the country for up to six months. According to media reports, the requirements should be significantly simplified. For example, the government may waive the requirement for advanced knowledge of English.

The National Pig Association has warned of a “severe animal health disaster”. 6000 healthy pigs have already been slaughtered on farms. If there is no solution, 10,000 animals per week should be killed on the farm soon. British pig farmers warn that about 120,000 healthy animals will be killed on farms and thrown in the trash. There is a shortage of staff for slaughterhouses and not enough space for farms.

“Temporary visas are not a long-term solution”

In addition, the government wants to stop the slaughter tax and encourage additional shelter for pigs that are ready to be slaughtered. But the government said it expects the pork industry to provide better training and career opportunities, and to raise salaries to attract more local employees. “Temporary visas are not a long-term solution. Companies need to invest in the UK’s own workforce in the long run to build a higher-paying and more efficient economy than relying on foreign workers,” it said.

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Strict Brexit immigration rules

One reason for the shortage of carnivores is that strict Brexit immigration rules prevent the arrival of skilled workers from the EU. It also affects other industries. The British government previously announced a similar program for 5,500 workers in the poultry processing industry.

She is battling obstacles with special visas for truck drivers. Supermarket shelves and petrol pumps have recently been vacated due to a shortage of about 100,000 truck drivers in the country, according to the Roadhole Association. Ports complain that the container is left behind due to lack of drivers. Container ships have already been diverted to the most important port. At the start of the Christmas business, retailers warn of supply problems, for example toys and electrical appliances.


October 15, 2021 3 3:16 p.m.

Great Britain issues 800 visas to foreign butchers

That is the right step. Visas are issued first & will be restructured to maximize pay for professional backbone work in a maximum of 3 years. It results in a competitive economy. This is exactly what Sir Simon Childwell, a British economist, predicted in 1994.