September 28, 2022

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Plane crashes in Baltic Sea: Pressurization failure in Cessna – Four people on board news

A ghost plane carrying four people crashed into the Baltic Sea!

According to BILD information, it is a Cessna with flight number OE-FGR. The flight originated in Jerez, southern Spain, and was actually supposed to land in Cologne/Bonn. But after take off, the engine reported pressure problems in the cabin. Then contact was lost shortly behind the Iberian Peninsula.

Spanish and French fighter jets took off to check the situation on the private plane. But the pilots could not evacuate anyone from the cockpit or cabin.

According to BILD, there was a pilot, a woman, a man and a daughter on board. Were you unconscious in the machine?

At least one Eurofighter fighter jet took off from Rostock Air Base to accompany the ghostly Cessna to find out what was going on. According to BILD information, she was unable to gain any insight and turned off shortly after Rugan.

Off the Latvian coast, the Cessna spun and crashed


A Danish F16 fighter then escorted the ghost plane. At 7:45 p.m., the pilots saw the plane crash in Latvia.

The Swedish Coast Guard has dispatched rescue planes, boats and helicopters to the scene.

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