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Poinsettia Losing Leaves: What Helps? | NDR.de – Guide – Garden

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Poinsettias are grown by us as annual houseplants. Often the leaves turn yellow shortly after purchase and the plant loses its foliage. What is the reason?

In their native Mexico, poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherima) grow as large, perennial shrubs. In this country, the trade offers small cultivated forms, especially during the Christmas season. However, many poinsettias lose their leaves soon after purchase. Curled or yellow leaves are also not uncommon. All these symptoms indicate mistakes in care or wrong location. However, if you pay attention to a few things, you will enjoy the ornamental plant every year.

Poinsettia lose leaves in the wrong place

Those looking for a long-lived poinsettia should avoid specimens sprayed with gold paint.

Originally from the tropics, the plant loves light and heat. A window seat and room temperature of 18 to 20 degrees is ideal. In summer, you can place the poinsettia on a partially shaded terrace or balcony. However, once the temperature drops below twelve degrees, the plant should definitely be brought indoors. In addition to the wrong temperature, drafts can cause the poinsettia to shed its leaves. Additionally, a place that is too dark can be just as harmful as direct sunlight.

If the poinsettias are already too cold, too dark, or even in the entryway area of ​​a store or hardware store, there is a high probability that they will lose leaves quickly at home. This also applies to plants decorated with glitter or gold paint, it is better to leave them as is. When purchasing, pack cold-sensitive poinsettias well for transport. Wrapping paper or an insulating cool box is suitable for this, for example.

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Yellow leaves are the result of overwatering

Yellowing poinsettia leaves is usually a sign of overwatering. The plant is particularly sensitive to waterlogging. But even very dry soil is not good for long. Old, stagnant tap water is suitable for irrigation. Regular immersion is also recommended. To do this, take out the almost dry root ball from the cachepot and submerge it in warm water for a few minutes. Then pick up the plant, drain the excess water and put it back in the plant.

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