May 20, 2022

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Pokémon Legends Arceus beats the classics, proves the stakes pay off

Pokémon Legends Arceus beats the classics, proves the stakes pay off

Pokemon Legends' protagonist Arceus plays the flute to Hisuian Stantler.

screenshot: nintendo

according to Financial Report released by Nintendo today, Pokemon Legends: Arceus It sold 12.64 million units last year. while not rape Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And shining pearlIt has total sales of 14.65 million, but it’s nonetheless impressive for an original title that has so far deviated from every major game in the series.

legends It is currently sitting at number fifteen in VGChartz Menu, directly under heart of gold And silver spirit. It also sits on top CrystalAnd emeraldAnd platinumAnd Both firered And green leaf. whether you think so legends Is it a twisted or major experience Pokemon The game, sales figures firmly establish the open-world monster hunter as a titan among the classics.

The ratings are especially wild when you consider how much controversy the game initially sparked. before legends Released on January 28, fans weren’t sure about the unusually aggressive monsters They attack people in sight or ugly trees that they saw in the official trailers. Once players can experience the game for themselves, they won’t stop arguing about it Low resolution in graphs.

Despite the criticism, legends It was the new and exciting title that was bookémon Series really need this year. It was the plot Beautifully darkGiant pokemon It was newEven ordinary creatures Many more Personal What players from the series are accustomed to. in contrast, shining diamond And shining pearl be Abstract remakes The game was released fifteen years ago. on time, Critics criticized him To play it safer than the usual formula. legends It showed that Nintendo didn’t have to choose between imitation and innovation.

legends He let down hardcore fans in some ways. But it proves that attractive gameplay and big IPs can lead to record sales, even if it’s not the prettiest or resource-intensive game in the series. This appears to be Nintendo’s approach to other first-party games. Fans were complaining that it took Nintendo nearly eight years for a new release Mario Kart 8 Maps after the initial release of the game. Many of these maps were visual cuts compared to the original. Did not matter. According to the report, Mario Kart 8 sold Nearly 10 million copies last year.

Nintendo can publish creatively off-track and ugly games, and fans will buy millions of copies anyway.

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