December 10, 2022

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Poland: Pregnant woman dies after abortion ban – PiS angry over government

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In Poland, the case of a pregnant woman sparked controversy over strict abortion rules. Liberals blame the PiS government.

Warsaw – November is the sea time of lights in Poland. On All Saints’ Day people make pilgrimages to the graves, light candles and commemorate the dead. This time, the lights are on before the Constitutional Tribunal in Warsaw. In commemoration of the “first death of the judicial ban on abortion,” as liberal activists explain.

You refer to the death of a 30-year-old man in pszczyna. The woman died recently after a miscarriage – probably because doctors refused to abort the damaged fetus. Hospital staff waited for the baby’s heart to stop beating. Delay for mother: Died of septic shock.

Prohibition of abortion in Poland: many years imprisonment for violations

The lawyer is conducting an investigation. These results are unlikely to change the Kulturkamp proliferation that is currently raging in Poland with enormous power. To most liberal-minded people in the country, it is clear who is responsible for the Pszczyna tragedy, even without the Attorney General’s Office. It is the right-wing Conservative PiS government that has succumbed to pressure from so-called life-savers. A good year ago a constitutional tribunal loyal to the government implemented an almost complete abortion ban in Poland. At the time, the court declared abortion unconstitutional. PiS delivered the judgment in legal form.

Since the beginning of this year, abortion has been banned, and if an unborn baby has such severe defects, it is not possible to get it out of the womb. Anyone violating the rule could face up to several years in prison.

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Polish ban on abortion: Did medical staff hesitate to fear justice?

Presumably that is why Pszczyna medical staff hesitated: afraid of the case. If the mother’s life is in grave danger, legal action can be taken. But was the condition clinically clear? No final answers yet. Critics say “this death is an indictment”: within the current law. Difficulties like those in pszczyna should not even arise. Experts point to 200,000 illegal abortions per year in Poland. And risks.

The right to life, liberals claim, cannot be separated from the right of women to determine their bodies. Pszczyna Jolanta Budzowska, the medical lawyer who filed the lawsuit in public, wrote on Twitter: “It’s time for a fresh start.” However, this is unlikely to be the case with the ruling PiS, which has many conservatives in its core constituency. Considering previous women’s protests, party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski clarified: “The Catholic value system is the only ethical order we know of in Poland. Everything else is blue. “

Poland abortion ban “hell for women”

Such requirements put PiS under pressure from fundamentalist lifeguards: inside. On the same day that Pszczyna’s tragedy became known, Parliament Speaker Elzbieta Witek (PiS) approved another legislative plan of the movement for debate in Sejm. According to the Gazeta Wyborcza report, all abortions in the future without exception will be classified as infanticide. This applies even if the mother’s life is threatened or as a result of rape. That, the newspaper ruled, would be “hell for women”. (Ulrich Krogel)

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