December 10, 2022

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Police have released the missing Cleo Smith (4).


02. November 2021 – 23:38 Clock

Australia: Cleo Smith (4) returns with his parents

This is the miracle of Australia! 4 year old Cleo is alive! Police have rescued a missing girl from her home. One investigator said, “Cleo is alive – she’s fine!” Ellie Smith, a mother of 4-year-olds, writes on Instagram: “Our family is reunited.”

One person has been arrested – investigators are currently investigating him. Most recently, police believe little Cleo was abducted. In mid-October – the little girl went missing on a camping trip with family.

In the video, he says, “My name is Cleo.”

Now an incredible turning point in the dramatic case: “At around 1am, police officers approached a locked house in Cornwall,” said Colonel Blanche of the Western Australian Police. “Cleo was in one of the rooms.”

A police officer took the woman in his arms and asked her name. “My name is Cleo,” she said, “Colonel Blanche explains.” Cleo returned to his parents shortly after. This is what we all expected and we prayed for. “

A man from the small western Australian town of Carnarvon has been arrested, according to a police official. He is currently under investigation.

Many have already talked about “Australian Maddie McCann”.

Campside did not find Cleo

The girl went missing on October 16 from this camp on the west coast of Australia (drone photo).

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The four-year-old has been missing since Oct. 16. He was with his mother, his partner and his little sister at a camp on the beach near McLeod, 900 kilometers north of the regional capital, Perth.

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According to the mother, they noticed the blonde girl and her sleeping bag disappearing from one of the two rooms of the family tent at around 6am. There his daughter slept next to his little sister. The tent zipper was opened to a height that a four-year-old child could not reach himself. No trace of the child after that. The lawsuit was probably funded by Maddie McCann since 2007. The British woman also went missing with her family on vacation. The fate of the three-year-old girl is still unclear. (swi / bst / rsa / dpa)