February 2, 2023

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Police shoot dead 25 bank robbers in Brazil

This case is even tougher by South American standards!

Vargina (Brazil) – Brazilian military police and traffic police shot dead 25 bank robbers during a raid in Vargina (Minas Gerais state). While the criminals were meeting at two different places in the city to plan their next robbery, police entered the grounds.

The perpetrators were heavily armed: they fired assault rifles and grenades at military police.

Eighteen criminals were killed in the first-place shooting, and seven in second place. Several offenders were injured. Fortunately, the police do not have to report any fatalities or injuries.

Criminals armed with anti-tank weapons and ammunition

According to a police spokesman, the robbers were wearing their own uniforms, bulletproof vests and knee pads. Even battle boots and camouflage clothing. “

Police confiscated items including:

50 assault rifles

A machine gun

Anti-tank weapons

• Lots of stolen cars

The bandits were armed like a small armyPhoto: Disclosure / Military Police Disclosure / Military Police

“They had all kinds of weapons. Guns, pistols, mikulidos (pipes provided with nails to pierce tires; author’s note) and ammunition, ”a police spokesman explained.

In Brazil, armed bank robberies have increased dramatically in recent years, especially in medium-sized cities. Bank robbers meticulously plan robberies and their escape routes. In August, a mob used drones and ammunition to capture hostages as human shields in a bank robbery in the city of Arasatuba in Sவோo Paulo. Three people were killed.

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