Donald Trump’s Ability to Make America Great Again

Poll Results Question Donald Trump’s Ability to Make America Great Again

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Last updated on September 7th, 2018

President of the United States of America, Donald Trump is always making headlines. While some still believe that he can indeed make America great again, the others accuse him of torturing immigrants, and passing laws that do not best solve the nation’s purpose. Besides, this is bound to happen, when you lead a country, and as Steve Jobs once said “If you want to make everyone happy, do not be a leader—sell ice cream.”

However, looking at the present trend, if elections were held today, only 36% of the voters said that they would definitely vote and re-elect Donald Trump, according the latest poll by Grinnell College released yesterday. More than 43% of the people said that would definitely vote for someone other than Trump, besides the remaining 17% said they’d consider re-electing the President.

The stats further state that nearly three-quarter of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents plan to definitely vote for Trump (72%), while the rest do not approve of Donald Trump as a legitimate candidate. Likewise, when considering Democrats, eight in 10 say that they would definitely consider someone else, with almost half of independent agreeing at 47%.

The following data collected through polls differs from other recent polls on this fall’s election. Only 45% said they would vote for a Democratic Candidate in the November election and 43% said that they would vote for a Republican. Likewise, the other polls and the data collected using the similar way shows that at least 8 to 14 point advantage for Democrats.

Not astonishingly enough, only about 4-in-ten approve of the job Trump is doing as President, while the remaining half disapprove. Another set of Poll of Polls conducted by the CNN shows that across the five most recent surveys, conducted using different forms of media, the average rating received by Trump is 40%, with a majority 54% totally disapproving.

The November elections are approaching fast, and will be a good insight in to what can we expect in mid-terms of 2020. Besides, with too many cases alleging Russia’s involvement last time around, the uncertainty factors looms large for the Donald Trump and his administration.

Correspondingly, as some might call it too early to make a decision, but the fact is being the super power, everything in America goes at an unexpected rate. As Trump even said once that Russian collision is a nothing, but a witch hunt. If it will hunt Mr President in a couple of years’ time, or will his ode to make country great again reign supreme, only time will tell.




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