Pompeo’s Befuddled Stance on Venezuela Sanctions Fail to Satisfy US Citizens

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Last updated on February 13th, 2019

Emphasizing to untangle the Capitol Hill’s eagerness for regime change in Caracas, the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Cuba was already taking control of Venezuela, misunderstood the norms of democracy, and claimed ‘Iran’s presence’ in the country.

Pompeo in an interview with Fox Business on Wednesday, made an attempt to help American people understand what the State Department is doing in Venezuela. However, driving along the same lines as the US President, Donald Trump, Secretary of the State went completely off the map as he spoke.

Pompeo said: “People don’t recognize that Hezbollah has active cells — the Iranians are impacting the people of Venezuela and throughout South America,” adding that “We have an obligation to take down that risk for America.”

On Monday, Pompeo shared a map on Twitter which featured the non-existent countries of East and West Turkey, among other things. The State Secretary shared a gif which, by mistake or maybe intentionally, divided Turkey into two parts.

However, this is where the problems did not stop. In his Wednesday interview Pompeo made several other bizarre claims and called the Venezuelan leader Juan Guaido as having been “duly elected.” The fact is he never ran for President and is a self-proclaimed leader.

When questioned on why the issue was so important for “our hemisphere” Pompeo said: “American values are at stake,” in Venezuela, explaining that US’ intervention in internal affairs of the nation is an “obligation.”

He further explained, sanctions “aren’t aimed at the Venezuelan people,” but have been directed towards a “really good outcome.” To draw a comparison, he openly argued that the US sanctions on Iran were directly aimed at Iranian citizens, but they have been directed towards the “evil Mr. Maduro,” this time.

His statements confused people rather than helping them understand what exactly is the purpose behind imposing sanctions. Contrarily, even the UN-appointed human rights expert, Idriss Jazairy, not differentiating between the bad and the good simply said, sanctions may “lead to starvation and medical shortages.”

Ironically, this could exactly be the case if the sanctions fail to bring out the good for people and make them starve instead. The US was also reportedly interested in a military invasion, and Trump even told CBS that a military option was still on the table, only a few days ago.

However, Pompeo swept off the invasion possibility, claiming that the US can’t invade Venezuela because “Cuba already did” and has been secretly controlling the country “for an awful long time.”

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