December 6, 2022

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Pope Benedict: Can a pope receive gifts? – People

Even a pope enjoys his family Christmas memories.

Our German old pope Benedict (94) loses his brother George Ratzinger, who died in July 2020, to the festival. His close confidante, Archbishop George Conswin, 65, is part of a small group celebrating with the retired pope.

He tells Bildt: “Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus, celebrates Christmas in a very traditional, Christian way. The most important thing is the sacred church services, the 24th Christmas Mass and the 25th Christmas Day. We celebrate worship in our beautiful, small monastery church with lots of incense and Christmas carols. The church is adorned with a magnificent Nativity scene presented to him by his brother many years ago. Of course, there is also the classicly decorated Christmas tree.

Archbishop Georg Gänswein has been with Benedict for many yearsPhoto: dpa

There are only 6 people sitting at the Christmas table: “Father Emerito, memories, sisters in the papal family and me. This has been the case since he started his Pontificate in 2005, ”says Conswin. On Christmas days, others join the group and celebrate the festivities.

Can a pope get gifts? “Of course, there is nothing wrong with giving presents. We do not even sing Christmas carols under the Christmas tree.

Pope Benedict thinks a lot about his Bavarian homeland. “He especially likes his German comrades for the tranquility of the Holy Night announced by the angels to the shepherds in Bethlehem through the birth of the Savior,” Consensus said. “Because this peace fills and delights every person’s heart and soul.”

How is Benedict’s health? Gänswein: “He’s physically weak. Wondering in old age! However, his head is clear, thank God, and his best medicine is called humor.

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