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Post Democratic Debate Kamala Harris Registers Rise in Supporters

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The first Democratic debate held at Miami has led to the shifting in the numbers of the supporters for potential Democratic candidates. A poll conducted post-debate showed a change of tide in popularity and supporters mainly for Kamala Harris, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren.

Seeing the results of the poll, the race for the potential Democratic presidential candidate against Trump has gathered much speed and competition, following the first debate.

While the poll results brought good news for Harris and Warren, it also brought along concerns for former Vice-President Joe Biden. The results showed 22 percent of supporters backing Biden, a drop of 10 percent from May. Similarly, Bernie Sanders registered a loss of 4 percent as only 14 percent of the supporters are now backing him.

Californian Senator Kamala Harris has registered a growth of about 9 percent with a total of 17 percent of supporters backing her. Massachusetts Senator Warren also experienced a rise in supporters backing her by 8 percent with the total percentage rising to 15 percent.

While the news might not be welcoming for the Democratic candidates except Harris and Warren, it seems only the females have gained the most out of the first Democratic Debate. Out of all the people, who witnessed the debate, 41 percent came out in support of Harris, claiming her to be the winner of the debate.

The 54-year-old Californian Senator has also become the candidate from whom 30 percent of the Democratic voters want to hear.

However, the road to become the potential candidate to stand against Trump in 2020 elections is still paved with uncertainty. While the black and older voters continue to be a major support for Biden, around 43 percent of Democratic voters support him as the most potential candidate against Trump.

Biden is also being considered as the best suitable candidate to handle economy related issues and the second best candidate to handle healthcare and race relations issues.

Even though the Democratic voters consider Kamala Harris as the best candidate to handle race relations, she needs to gain supporters through her policies on healthcare, economy and climate crisis.

While the five minute exchange between Kamala Harris and Joe Biden proved to be the prime reason for the rise in her supporters, it would be interesting to see if she can successfully turn the tide in almost every major issue in her favor and win the support of the colored people as well.


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