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Post Heart Surgery, Will Bernie Sanders’ Presidential Campaign Take a Hit?

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Vermont Sen. and 2020 Democratic Hopeful Bernie Sanders has led a fantastic presidential campaign till now, surfacing in the top three candidates for presidential primaries. With his performance in all three democratic debates till now and policies like Medicare for All, Green New Deal, Gun Safety and a stand against rich and those at Wall Street, Sanders has managed to remain a crowd favorite.

However, when Vermont Sen. experienced chest pain on Tuesday and following the stent-graft in heart due to artery blockage, the voters were forced to contemplate at factors like age of the presidential hopefuls.

Out of the 19 remaining Democratic Presidential hopefuls, top three Presidential candidates are of 70 years or older amongst 78-year Bernie Sanders is the oldest. This has forced people to think would it be a wise choice to select a candidate above 70 years and to factor the age of the presidential candidate to select in presidential primaries. 

Seeing Sanders’ stance on policies and energy throughout the campaign, many believed that Sanders as the prime choice against President. However, the scenario has changed following the heart procedure he underwent.

The speculations that the medical emergency will negatively impact his presidential campaign are also on the rise. While Sanders’ campaign has already canceled $1.3 million ad buy, doubts continue to remain if Bernie Sanders will take part in the upcoming fourth democratic debate.

Since only a few months remain for Presidential Primaries to be conducted from February across the country, the pressure to augment the outreach of the policies to a larger group continues to increase.

While Sanders posted the update on his health, the Democratic hopefuls including Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and Pete Buttigieg wished Sanders a speedy recovery.

On the other hand, many believe that Sanders can use this medical emergency to increase the popularity of his policy Medicare for All and how policies like the Criminal Justice System will help the American citizens to improve the lifestyle, infrastructure, and safety.

78-year old Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders may have canceled his campaign and the people might begin to factor his age as well, yet the policies he stands for have helped him gain immense popularity among the masses. On the other hand, the extent of his popularity is that his campaign has collected $25.3 million in the third quarter, the highest amongst his democratic rivals.

Although there are mixed speculations on Sanders undergoing heart procedure and his eligibility for a president due to age, how the future debates and presidential primary unfolds for him remain to be seen.


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