November 26, 2022

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President G promised his support for Putin on the “Ukraine issue.”

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On February 4, Vladimir Putin (left) and Xi Jinping met in Beijing. © Alexei Druzhinin / ITAR-TASS / Imago

China is on Russia’s side: For the first time since the end of February, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping talked about the Ukraine war.

Munich / Beijing – For the second time since the start of the Ukraine war Of China State President and party leader Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke on the phone. During talks on Wednesday (June 15), Gigi pledged his support for Russia, according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry. “China is ready to continue to support the Russian side on issues related to key interests and key concerns such as sovereignty and security and the intensification of strategic cooperation between the two countries,” Xi said. Beijing “is ready to work with the Russian side to enhance bilateral practical cooperation.”

According to a statement issued by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Conflict in Ukraine Referred to as the “Ukraine Question”. He said China has always “determined the issue of Ukraine and its merits independently from history and has actively promoted world peace and stability in the world economic order”. Xi Jinping. “All parties must work for an appropriate and responsible solution to the crisis in Ukraine. China is ready to continue to play its role.

China in Ukraine war: Now Russian President Putin has retaliated

According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Putin pledged to “make constructive efforts to intensify multilateral cooperation with China, improve the multidisciplinary world, and establish a just and equitable international order.” In Moscow, according to the Russian presidential office, AFP news agency, China and Russia want to strengthen their cooperation in the fields of energy, finance, industry and transport. Putin and Ji also discussed the “development of military relations.” Cooperation between the two sides needs to be strengthened “in light of the global economic situation complicated by illegal sanctions imposed by the West.”

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Most recently, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin They phoned each other on February 25, the day after Russia invaded Ukraine. At the time, Xi insisted on “sovereignty of all nations” but did not condemn the invasion. Xi also said that China supports Russia in “resolving the issue through negotiations with Ukraine.” Earlier, Ji and Putin met in person at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics and exchanged views. He spoke in a joint statement against NATO’s eastward expansion.

China in Ukraine war: Between support and neutrality for Russia

Although China has always said it has been neutral in the conflict since the beginning of the war of aggression, the government in Beijing has repeatedly sought to stay close to Russia and reiterate its “rock-solid” alliance with the Kremlin. Recently, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi was appointed “Russian friend” Sergei Lavrov as “old friend”. Beijing rejects Western sanctions against Russia, but observers say that will not help. At a virtual EU-China summit in early April, Xi Jinping blamed the West for intensifying the war in Ukraine. “The root cause of the crisis in Ukraine is the regional security tensions that have developed over the years in Europe.” Then Xi said.

At the same time, China also recently began negotiations Increasingly about the purchase of Russian oil. According to a Bloomberg news agency, Beijing buys Russian crude oil at a discount of 35 percent of current world market prices. “We see China making good use of this situation of Russia’s weakness,” said EU Trade Commissioner Valdis Dombrovsky. (Sh)

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