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President’s Rally Date Colliding with Mueller’s Testimony – Coincidence?

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The announcement of former special counsel Robert Mueller testifying in front of the Congress has sparked both criticism and support from the Democrats, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler.

With the date for Mueller’s testimony set on July 17, everyone was left wondering what would be the president’s move in response with the announcement.

However, it now seems that Trump might try to turn Mueller’s testimony in the favor of his re-election campaign rally in North Carolina. On Tuesday night, his campaign made an announcement that Trump would be conducting a campaign rally in Greenville, North Carolina on the same date, Mueller is bound to testify.

The Democrats are eager for the testimony as they want the President to be impeached. But, the political world has begun to speculate the reason behind Trump organizing a rally on the same date when Mueller is due to testify, which cannot be considered a co-incidence.

While some are considering that Trump might use the rally to push back the special counsel’s testimony, some believe that he might use the rally to vilify the Democrats, and their efforts for impeaching him.

Vilifying the Democrats might help Trump in gaining more supporters or force the supporters to contemplate on their choice of leader. This might negatively impact the Democratic hopefuls prior to the 2020 elections.

Trump has termed Mueller’s testimony as a Witch Hunt and also went on to promote that the report found him not guilty of collusion or obstruction. This might be a desperate attempt to keep his “Keep America Great” re-election campaign away from the aftermath or adverse affects of the testimony and impeachment, which might follow soon.

The COO of Trump’s campaign Michael Glassner said, “President Trump looks forward to returning to North Carolina and sharing the successes of the Trump presidency.”

“With one of the largest military populations in the nation, President Trump is eager to talk directly to the military men and women who have made this country the greatest on earth,” he added.

Even though Trump, during his campaign rally at Williams Arena in Greenville, might try to vilify the Democratic hopefuls or push back Mueller’s testimony, it is clear that after failed border wall policies and controversial Mueller report, the president is going to tread carefully at every point until the upcoming elections.

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