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President Trump and US Politics Bend in 2018-19

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The New Year resolution that says ‘New Year, New Me’ is common on the list of majority of the people. But this New Year’s Eve, Americans, including the Republicans, are wishing it to occupy the top slot of the wish list of President Trump for 2019.

The decisions of the President have hardly ever impressed the liberals. However, with 2018 nearing to its end, Trump has certainly seen an addition to the dissentients, with his recent foreign policies that took an unexpected turn, hitting even the Republican senators.

Looking at this year’s calendar of President Trump, there have been several new implementations, yet none received an exuberant acceptance or came into action without any controversies. While both national and foreign policies have been a disappointment, the decisions concerning the international allies attained major criticism.

The United States fell into a trade war against the existing rival China, worsening the relations to a greater extent and launching several new complications for the country’s national security. Besides, he also imposed latest sanction on Iran, which is considered to be another malign actor for America.

The President was expected to remain cautious with the most pernicious rivals, while on the contrary, he chose an arduous approach towards them. Moreover, his unwisely decisions regarding these competitors have already started to reflect their adverse effects on the global market.

Trump has also taken several decisions to vex Russia, which is considered to be the greatest competitor of the US, such as authorizing the sale of arms to an ally Ukraine, which is Russia’s greatest rival.

While the President should have taken strategic stance regarding the competitors, he has mostly remained impulsive with his decisions, disappointing the administration and creating a long-term threat for the country.

Meanwhile, the President was mostly seen pleasing the Middle Eastern allies, including Israel by passing an order to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. Besides, he also successfully renegotiated the NAFTA deal with his closest allies, Canada and Mexico.

However, while the year came to its end, Trump didn’t stop filling his bag of ‘wrong decisions’. Just in the last month, he took two most crucial, irrational and unwise decisions on Syria and Afghanistan, which not just agitated the Democrats but also the Republican Senators and the Pentagon officials.

Trumps decision to withdraw the US troops from Syria and Afghanistan created a greater chaos within the White House, leading the Secretary of Defense James Mattis to resign, who urged “treating allies with respect and also being clear-eyed about both malign actors and strategic competitors.”

While President Trump has taken several abrupt and clumsy decisions 2019 certainly awaits a bulk of issues already line up for him. On one hand he’ll be facing the freshly formed disagreement amongst the Republican senators and defense officials, and on the other hand he’ll see the Democrats taking up the House.

The political scenario of the White House might just experience a plethora of clashes within the authorities, or it might also happen that President Trump will get isolated by the opposition formed within the lawmakers against his decisions this year.

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