December 10, 2022

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Prime Minister under pressure – Can he continue in office in 2022?

Christmas parties in Locktown, questionable luxury changes of official residence: According to British viewers, these scandals could soon lead to the loss of Boris Johnson’s job. But who will come to power after him?

Although this may seem unbelievable: the corona variant looks Omikron Boris Johnson To save work. The British Prime Minister shows himself to be a survivor again at the beginning of the year.

A moment ago the head of government seemed to have struck an impasse. Johnson was “snooker” and had no choice, the internet portal “Politico” recently quoted a top member of the Conservative Party.

But there is currently no talk. This is because, despite the rapid spread of Omigrans, Johnson’s strict corona rules are obviously correct. Although Omigran is highly contagious, the course of the disease is milder than feared.

With more than 183,000 new corona cases, British authorities set a new daily record on Wednesday. About 10,000 people in the UK have been hospitalized with Govt 19 disease. The death toll in 24 hours is 18.

You can see what Boris Johnson said about the current corona development in his country when he went to the vaccination center. Here Or in the video above.

“Eight of his nine lives have been wasted.”

Conservative media and politicians are cheering Johnson’s view of Corona’s policy, saying New Year’s celebration is safe. Opposition parties do not seem to mind. In addition, vacationing confirms the many scandals surrounding it Downing Street Currently the focus is less. This sounds like a classic “luck” to Johnson.

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But the silence is deceptive. Even after two years in office, the Prime Minister is still under considerable pressure and, above all, in his own office. Finally, his Tories In a mid-December by-election for the first time in nearly 200 years, Johnson was officially counted in their stronghold of North Shropshire. “One more prank and I think it’s over,” said Roger Call, Tory’s senior. And broadcaster Sky News quoted Johnson as a “former ally”: “He used eight of his nine lives.”

Enemies in your own order

The list of allegations is long, and many commentators are wondering why Johnson is still in office. There have been a number of scandals and campaign scandals by Tory MPs, which Johnson defended. Funding for luxury restoration by wealthy donors at Johnson’s official residence is questionable, and there is no adequate answer yet. Most importantly, the British were outraged by the number of Christmas parties on Downing Street and other government buildings, while other parts of the country were locked out by 2020.

However, the greatest danger lurks within their own ranks: when Johnson wanted to tighten the corona rules so drastically he had to trust the votes of the opposition – almost 100 Tories voted against him in the House of Commons. The signal was clear: not so far and not above. That was recently Brexit– Minister David Snow Corona’s resignation due to differences is considered another blow to Johnson. His popularity ratings are at a low point with a clock ticking, conservative base. It is not a question of whether Johnson will lose office, but when, well-connected BBC correspondent Laura Queensberg commented. The British media is already openly discussing potential heirs.

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Potential heirs

Two cabinet members in particular are up for debate: first, there is Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak, who is said to be at odds with Johnson. The 41-year-old, who came to power just before the outbreak, was praised for his crisis management. Disadvantage: The rich former investment banker is not considered a man of the people.

Favorite is Foreign Minister Liz Dres, who is currently the Tory site’s biggest darling. The 46-year-old, who was only promoted by the Ministry of Commerce in September, knows how to put himself in the spotlight. In the first six weeks of his tenure, more photos of him than any other cabinet member were posted on the government’s Flickr page. Truss is actively involved in protecting supporters, and often meets influential donors for dinner, according to media reports. Disadvantage: Truss is responsible for the difficult relations with the EU after Frost’s resignation. Negotiations often seem like landmines.

But Johnson is still in charge. So far, neither Sunak nor Truss has come up with big ideas. But stimuli are urgently needed. Because Johnson was accused of not knowing the answers to the stressful questions. Rising poverty, energy costs, widespread inflation – Johnson, the most liberal Tory, is allowing the market to run and causing resentment among people who are financially overburdened. Brexit, which Johnson promised to implement, owes much to his landslide election victory in 2019, which has long been hailed as an issue of the election campaign. On the contrary, the government is engaged in a serious effort to reject many of the obvious disadvantages of leaving the EU.

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Corona and the successful British vaccination campaign currently hold the post of Prime Minister. But as Johnson still explodes with power in the fall, doubts are growing as to whether he will remain in office until his term ends in 2024. A strategy cannot be implemented without a strategist, commented Johnson’s newspaper “The Telegraph” in December: risk is underestimated, misjudgments are made and orientation is lost.