February 4, 2023

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Private home raid: Secret documents found again on Biden

Looking for a private house
Secret documents found again on Biden

Pressure is mounting on US President Joe Biden. During a search of his private home in Delaware, investigators stumbled upon more classified government documents. His predecessor, Donald Trump, responded maliciously.

In a search of government documents, investigators found other classified documents in President Joe Biden’s private office. Biden’s lawyer, Bob Bauer, said the US Department of Justice seized six documents with classified markings from Biden’s home in Wilmington, Delaware. Some of them are from Biden’s time as vice president, and some from his time as a senator.

A nearly 13-hour search had already taken place on Friday and included “all work, living and storage rooms” in the house. The White House is trying to minimize the damage after coming under massive criticism for its information policy. Because in the past few weeks, classified documents have repeatedly surfaced in Biden’s private rooms in Delaware and Washington. It was only when the media reported on some of the findings that the public became aware of them. Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed a special counsel to investigate the incidents.

“Full Access” for Investigators

Biden’s attorney now insisted that investigators had “unrestricted access” to the home during Friday’s search. Handwritten notes, files, folders, memorabilia, to-do lists, and schedules of all kinds go back decades. Biden himself made clear on Thursday that he is “cooperating fully” with the Justice Department. “I think you’ll see there’s nothing there,” he said when asked by reporters at a meeting in California.

The revelations are politically highly sensitive for the president — as he is not allowed to privately store classified government documents after leaving office. The US National Archives is responsible for this. The first batch of secret government documents was discovered on November 2 – just before the US congressional elections. The White House insists that Biden’s lawyers immediately provided the information to the National Archives. However, the public only found out about it in January when broadcaster CBS reported on it. In response to the initial discovery, Biden’s staff looked elsewhere.

Trump also kept the documents private

The discovery of the documents would be particularly explosive for Biden, as former Republican President Donald Trump was embroiled in a similar scandal over the summer. The FBI raided the property in August and seized various classified documents. Biden criticized Trump’s handling of the documents at the time.

In the Trump case, Garland used an independent special investigator for a politically sensitive investigation — essentially announcing Trump’s renewed candidacy for the presidency and criticizing the investigation against him as politically motivated. Biden has also repeatedly stated his general desire to run for president again in 2024. He is yet to announce the final decision.

Trump responded with glee at the latest discovery. On his online site “Truth Social,” he wrote to Biden and his team: “They targeted me so much and created confusion – I did nothing wrong.”

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