January 28, 2023

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Problems with BioNTech and Moderna Omikron? Does Valneva have a solution?

BioNTech and Moderna shares have been in the spotlight since the beginning of this year as both mRNA vaccines have been successfully marketed globally in the fight against the corona virus. In the case of the now-released Omigron variant, the question arises as to whether they have the same performance against the delta variant. That’s what Moderna’s boss has Suspicious this morning.

Therefore, the market is now in a state of uncertainty for days or weeks until more definitive results are obtained from WHO and other experts on Omikron. But could the so-called dead vaccines be the solution? Investing.com The differences between the mRNA and the dead vaccine were recently reported, which may represent a major improvement for the French supplier Valneva.

Because Valneva’s dead vaccine was developed using traditional methods. True killed viruses or virus fragments are vaccinated with two active amplifiers – in this case the completely inactivated virus particles of SARS-CoV-2. The active ingredient injected does not cause any disease, but the immune system reacts anyway because it recognizes the threat and the body produces antibodies that can actually fight the virus. When developing their vaccines, providers such as BioNTech and Moderna rely on genetic fragments of a part of the corona virus, called spike protein – the part that helps the virus attach to healthy cells. However, it is precisely this area that is susceptible to mutations, which increases the chance that mRNA vaccines will be ineffective against one or more mutations in the corona virus.

The Valneva vaccine may work best against Omigran. This has not yet been confirmed, but is possible. But the company’s vaccine has not yet been approved. However, on November 10, the European Union issued an order to Valneva 60 million vaccine doses. One would think that EU approval would take place soon. If so, the role will be particularly strong in the context of the new Omigron variant. Volneva shares rose 10 percent yesterday. Today, however, the share price is down 6 percent. Moderna and BioNTech show small losses this morning.

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Over the past few days, all three stocks have risen sharply on the general expectation that vaccine sales will increase as corona infections continue to rise. It is not clear how these stocks will fare in the short term. But if Valneva’s vaccine against the Omigran variant is more effective than the MRNA vaccine, stocks could rise if EU approval continues.

The chart shows the price improvements of BioNTech, Moderna and Valneva Business Display Chart Shows the price growth of BioNTech, Moderna and Valneva since November 8th.

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