December 5, 2022

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Protashevich’s girlfriend is threatened with legal action in Belarus

Officers Belarus Apparently the opposition journalist was not the only one targeting Roman Protestantism. After the Protestantism landed, he was forced by the leadership of the dictatorial country Planned flights to the capital Minsk was not only arrested for bloggers. His Russian friend Sofia Sabeka was also arrested.

Now, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry, the 23-year-old fears charges in Belarus. News agency reports that you are under suspicion of violating several articles of the Belarusian criminal code between August and September 2020 Reuters In a statement from the Moscow Foreign Ministry.

Sabeka’s rating was initially extended to two months, the DOS news agency reported, citing Sabeka’s father. This was also tweeted by the leader of the Belarusian opposition Svetlana Dichanovskaya, referring to Sabeka’s lawyer.

According to Reuters, Sabeka’s mother firmly believes her daughter was in the wrong place at the wrong time. She is worried about her daughter’s health. “That was definitely my biggest fear right now,” Anna Tudich said. Sabega “will diligently oppose”. Dudic continued that his daughter was “certainly not guilty of anything.”

Sabega is actually studying in Vilnius. It was on its way back to the Lithuanian capital when their Ryanair plane was intercepted by a Belarusian warplane and ordered to land in Minsk. He had previously met Protasevich Greece Stopped and apparently went on vacation there.

Chancellor Angela Merkel It was back in the afternoon Demanded the immediate release of Protashevich and Sabeka. Merkel rated the journalist’s video, which later turned out to be “anxiety and shock.” This consent led to doubts as to whether Protashevich was compelled to obtain a confession.

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Lacet talks about “state terrorism.”

In addition to many German politicians, CDU leader and presidential candidate Armin Lachet also called for rapid sanctions against Belarus. “Decided sanctions are the first step in the right direction,” the North Rhine-Westphalian prime minister said Tuesday after a phone call with Tichanovskaya.

Lasshed spoke of the process as a “one-time violation of international law” and “state terrorism” of international aviation.

Great Britain tightened measures

The evening also announced England The crackdown began on a flight from Belarus. “With immediate effect, Belarusian airlines will be barred from entering British airspace unless explicitly authorized,” Transport Minister Grant Shops tweeted.

And Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau Condemned the actions of the authorities in Belarus. “The behavior of the Belarusian regime is outrageous, illegal and completely unacceptable,” Trudeau said. One explores further sanctions against the country. Shortly afterwards, Belarus announced that the embassy was inside, according to Reuters Canada Closed from September 1st.