May 26, 2022

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Putin apologizes to Israel – Lavrov slapped in the face? – Politics abroad

Did it slap him in the face in public for the minister he lied to?

According to Israeli sources, the Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin (69) has apologized to Israeli Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett (50) for his false statement to Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, 72.

“I may be wrong, but Hitler also had Jewish blood,” he told the Italian broadcaster MediaSet on Sunday. In addition, according to him, the Jews are “the greatest anti-Semitic”.

Horrible! Lavrov’s statements state that the Jews were responsible for the massacre.

On Tuesday, his foreign ministry accused Israel of backing the “neo-Nazi regime in Kiev.” Their spokesman said “Israeli mercenaries” were fighting alongside the Azov regiment.

So a new propaganda blow from Moscow – if the Israeli statements are to be believed, the Kremlin ruler Putin has personally withdrawn. Moscow has not confirmed the apology.

Israel responded harshly

Both Israeli Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett and Foreign Minister Jair Lobid expressed strong opposition, with the latter even saying that “a line has been crossed”. The Russian ambassador was invited to a “clarification talk”.

Also: The Israeli government is now considering sending arms to Ukraine.

It will be a turning point in their Ukrainian policy: because while the Israeli people show solidarity with Ukraine, the government pursues a cautious policy that prioritizes its own security interests and does not want to offend Russia.

Context: Putin’s troops are in neighboring Syria, and have so far remained blind as Israel defends itself against attacks by terrorist militants Hezbollah from Syria and Lebanon.

Israel and Russia are considered to have good relations. Russia Expert Dr. Margaret Klein in the BILD: “Under Putin, a good relationship between Russia and Israel was seen from the outset on the basis of pragmatism. There are social reasons.Policy in view of Russian military intervention in Syria since 2015.

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Does this explain Putin’s retreat?

The apology from Putin and the backlash against his foreign minister is quite unusual. Is this due to Israel’s harsh reaction?

Russia’s expert Sergei Samleni thinks yes. “Putin did not expect such a reaction,” he told BILD.

Putin exaggerated his position and thought of keeping the Israelis “in his pocket” through his personal contacts and some similarities so that there would not be much opposition to Lavrov’s disgusting propaganda.

Samleni exception: Putin was influenced by speculation that oligarchy and wealthy Russians were dual (Russian and Israeli) citizens. “Putin does not see them as friends, he sees them as subjects, and the ruler can do anything with his citizens.

What was the purpose of Lavrov’s defeat?

Samleni suspects: “Lavrov’s campaign is not inward, outward, not within their own country.” That’s why he was interviewed for a small Italian TV show.

Possible target of hate attack: mobilization of anti-Semitic forces in the Middle East. Because even there, no country other than Syria has yet supported Russia, for example the UN.

Is Lavrov already a victim of his own campaign?

For Samleni, however, it is clear that anti-Semitism is part of Lavrov and Putin’s political beliefs. Meanwhile, anti-Semitic conspiracy theories are taking place on Russian state television without any comment on prime time. They are very popular in Russian society.

Sergei Lavrov and Vladimir Putin Photo: AFP

But Lavrov goes so far as to accuse Jews and Israelis of being Nazi sympathizers, perhaps because he has fallen victim to his own propaganda.

Russian self-image plays an important role here, almost decisive identity. It says: “We alone defeated the Nazis”. It reads: “Only a Nazi can criticize such a glorious country”.