January 28, 2023

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+++ “Putin Will Visit Donbass Soon” – Kremlin Announces Trip During Ukraine War

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The war in Ukraine continues unabated. Putin is scheduled to travel to Donbas soon, the Kremlin announced. Message Ticker.

  • Attack: Russian troops bomb the Ukrainian city several times a day.
  • Saporicia: First the Russian soldiers left the area.
  • Discharge: Humanitarian operations are underway in the area around the city of Dnipro on the Dnieper River.
  • Editor’s note: Read the latest developments Ukraine conflict On our news ticker. Information is processed here Ukraine war Some came from warring parties Russia And this Ukraine. Therefore, they cannot be independently verified in part.

+++ 4:07 pm: Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to the occupied territories in eastern Ukraine was announced on Saturday (December 3) by Dmitry Peskov, press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation. “Putin will soon visit Donbas,” the Russian news agency quoted him as saying mug Press Secretary. The Kremlin has not yet given an exact date.

According to the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin will visit Donbas soon. (archive image) © Grigory Sysoyev/dpa

Ukraine War News: Troops Gather in Belarus – General Talks About “Threat”

+++ 1.55 pm: The Russian military appears to be regrouping along the northern border between Ukraine and Belarus. “The concentration of Russian-Belarusian joint forces continues on the territory of Belarus. Therefore, we are constantly monitoring the situation and preparing our forces for an appropriate response,” said Serhii Nayev, commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. on social media with.

However, the risk is currently low: “There is currently no threat from Belarus,” it says. If the military threat from Belarus escalates, the Ukrainian General Staff will provide additional forces and resources, Naiev said.

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Ukraine War News: Russia Plans Attack – Evacuation in Critical Area of ​​War

+++ 10.00 am: From December 3 to December 5, the Ukrainian government will continue humanitarian evacuation operations of citizens currently staying on the west bank of the Dnieper in the suburban settlement of Dacha, unable to leave the occupied territory. Information about this Military Administration of Kherson Region.

The evacuation was necessitated by “intensification of expectation in the area”. The military administration expects an increase in hostilities in the Dnipro region. For this, the ban imposed on crossing water bodies was lifted. “Crossing the river will be allowed at the river port area. […] Documents confirming one’s identity and citizenship of Ukraine must be carried during evacuation,” the statement said.

The area around the city of Dnipro on the Dnepr has been fighting since the start of the war. The river is considered Ukraine’s main waterway and effectively divides the country into left and right halves. Can be crossed only at certain points. So the situation around the Dnieper could be decisive for the course of the war.

Ukraine war news: Russia plans to advance – city in east becomes prime target

+++ 8.45 am: Russian forces are concentrating most of their firepower on an entrenched front line of about 15 km around the town of Pakmut in Donetsk Oblast. Russia’s plan is likely to encircle the city with a tactical thrust to the north and south, the UK Ministry of Defense said.

In recent days, Russia has reportedly made minor advances along the southern axis of the offensive line. According to the Ministry of Defence, work is now underway to capture new developments and some bridges west of the swampy area around the small river Pakmutka. Russia has declared Buckmutt as its main target from the beginning of August 2022.

Taking the city would have limited operational value, but would allow Russia to threaten the larger urban areas of Kramatorsk and Sloviansk. However, taking the city is disproportionately expensive compared to the real benefit. There is a realistic possibility that the taking of Pakmuth will become primarily a symbolic, political goal for Russia.

Ukraine war news: Graveyard in Mariupol expands – more than 20,000 dead

Update from 6:15 am on Saturday, December 3: The number of graves at the Starokrymske cemetery in Mariupol, west of the city, has increased significantly. This is according to new satellite images released by American satellite imaging company Maxar.

The agency released two side-by-side satellite images of the cemetery, one from March 29 and the other from November 30, showing a significant increase in the number of burials.

According to Mariupol City Hall, more than 20,000 people are believed to have been killed during Russia’s month-long siege, but the actual number may be much higher.

Ukraine War News: Russia Shells Ukraine City Twice In One Day

+++ 10.40 pm: Russian forces shelled the Ukrainian city of Nikopol on the north bank of the Dnieper River twice in a matter of hours. This was announced by Mykola Lukasuk, head of the responsible regional council in the Ukrainian region of Dnipropetrovsk, via the Telegram news site. As a Ukrainian news agency Ugrinform Russian troops reportedly opened fire on Nikopol with heavy artillery, first during the day and later in the evening. There were no injuries in the first attack, and the aftermath of the second attack is still being investigated.

It is already known that a bomb hit Nikopol on the premises of the company. In addition, attacks also took place on the municipality of Chervonohrihorivsk, not far from the former city. Be loud Ugrinform “A church building, a shop, four private houses, farm buildings and power lines” were damaged.

Spain backs Ukraine: new air defense systems for Kiev

+++ 8.55 pm: To further defend itself against Russian attacks, Ukraine has received its first delivery of Hawk anti-aircraft systems from Spain. Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov made the announcement on Friday (December 2) after meeting his Spanish counterpart, Margarita Robles, in Odessa.

The air defense system was first used in the 1960s and, despite many modernizations, is now only used by a few NATO countries. Ukrainian soldiers have already trained in Spain to use this method. Spain has promised Ukraine more Hawk anti-aircraft missiles from its stockpile.

Ukraine war: Bomb blast in Odessa injures 8

+++ 7.05 pm: Eight people were injured when a bomb exploded in a trunk in the parking lot of the regional emergency services in Odessa. This was reported by several regional and national Ukrainian media citing police information. The injured included five police officers and three civilians.

as Ukraine Pravda Some police officers said they noticed a suspicious car while on patrol and when they checked it, they found a bomb inside the trunk. When their reinforcements arrived, the bomb exploded. According to police, some of the injured required hospital treatment, but none were in critical condition.

Ukraine war news: Biden has no plans to negotiate with Putin

+++ First report from 10.35 am, Friday, December 2: KIEV – In Switzerland, 7.5 billion Swiss francs (about 7.6 billion euros) of Russian assets have been frozen since Russia’s war against Ukraine began in February. Also, the government announced on Thursday (December 1) in Bern that 15 properties had been frozen. According to the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, a total of 116 companies and more than 1,200 individuals were affected. As part of the sanctions, Swiss banks are prohibited from receiving large amounts of money from Russian citizens and individuals or entities based in Russia.

US President Joe Biden has now returned to the question of possible negotiations to end the conflict. He is willing to negotiate with Kremlin leader Putin only if Russia is willing to end the war against Ukraine. “But the truth is I don’t have any immediate plans to contact Mr. Putin,” Biden said at a press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron at the White House on Thursday (local time). If there is real interest in Putin, if he is looking for a way to end the war, I am ready to talk to him. He had never done that before.”

Ukraine war: Russia and Ukraine exchange 100 more prisoners

Meanwhile, more than nine months into the war, Russia and Ukraine have again exchanged a total of 100 prisoners. The Defense Ministry in Moscow announced on Thursday that 50 Russian soldiers would be flown to the Russian capital for medical treatment. Andriy Yermak, head of the Ukrainian presidential office, confirmed the exchange: “We have released 50 defenders of Ukraine.”

Ukraine-News: Ukraine seeks transformers for power grid

To fix her The Russian attacks damaged the power grid Ukraine is urgently looking for transformers – new or used. Viktoria Wojcicka, a former member of parliament, told the German Press Agency that the country is looking for help from companies and communities in Germany. Wojciechsa works in Warsaw at a center that supports the government in organizing foreign aid.

Wojciechka said the many emergency generators now being sent to Ukraine are a help. However, the problem of power cut has not been resolved. Ukraine can produce enough electricity on its own. But Russia has been destroying substations with transformers through rocket attacks, making it impossible to distribute electricity. The district heating network, which supplies millions of homes with heating and hot water, cannot function without electricity. In the deep freeze, district heating lines threatened to freeze and fail until spring. (Talk to agencies)