February 4, 2023

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Putin’s war: US already provides $ 1.2 billion for weapons and equipment, arms to Ukraine – Politics Abroad

The Kremlin tyrant Vladimir Putin, 69, has been waging a bloody war against them for 18 days. Ukraine.

Bombs and rockets rain down on Ukrainian cities every day – Putin makes no distinction between military and civilian targets, bombing hospitals and schools other than military bases.

And so on Ukrainians They must continue to defend themselves against the militarily superior Russian troops Weapons From abroad. So US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken (59) has approved another $ 200 million (183 million euros) for arms for Ukraine!

அமெரிக்கா The United States has supplied $ 1.2 billion (€ 1.09 billion) worth of weapons and equipment to Ukraine in less than a year, Blinken announced Saturday.

Two weeks ago, Biden approved $ 350 million (€ 320 million) in emergency aid to Ukraine’s armed forces. According to the US Department of Defense, Ukraine has already been provided with weapons, including modern Javelin anti-tank guided missiles.

Germany offers relatively little

In comparison, Germany has so far sent some arms and support to Ukraine. Launched 5000 helmetsIt took a whole month to come to Ukraine.

At the beginning of this year’s crisis in Ukraine, the German government reiterated that it would not provide arms, but other support.

On February 26, two days after the Kremlin dictator Putin launched his major offensive against the neighboring country, there was a sudden change of heart in the federal government: Germany now supplies arms!

Government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit, 49, said at the time that the Ukrainian armed forces were backed by 500 anti-tank weapons “Panzerfaust 3” and 500 ground-to-air missiles of the “Fliegerfaust 2 Stinger” type.

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Three days after the German government promised, weapons were already being used in Ukraine against Russian troops.

The first batch of “Panzerfaust 3” delivery from Germany went to Ukrainian units near Kyiv.Photo: Twitter

In addition, the Ministry of Economic Affairs approved the supply of 2,700 “Strela” anti-aircraft missiles from former NVA cargo. Issue: Distribution 700 missiles no longer operational!

In addition, NATO partners the Netherlands and Estonia agreed at the end of February to supply Ukraine with arms from German production or East German stock.

For the first time since its inception, the European Union (EU) has been financing the joint purchase and distribution of weapons. This was brought up for discussion at the EU Summit in Versailles by the President of the European Union, Joseph Borel. The 500 million euros decided so far will be doubled to one billion euros.

For the first time, the European Union offers so-called “deadly equipment” in Brussels. “For the first time, the European Union will fund the purchase and supply of weapons and other equipment to a country under attack,” said Ursula van der Leyen, chair of the commission.

The United States has paved the way for billions of aid packages to Ukraine

The United States wants to launch another large-scale aid package to Ukraine in the coming days. Ukraine received $ 13.6 billion (4 12.4 billion) in funding.

Not just the president’s signature Joe Biden (79)

தொகு The package includes money for weapons and equipment, humanitarian aid for refugees, and US spending on the Allied economy and increasing its military presence in the region.

Compare: According to the World Bank, Russian forces have been marching through Ukraine and bombing cities for more than two weeks, with a military budget of $ 62 billion by 2020. In Ukraine it is six billion dollars.

Meaning: The United States is expected to provide assistance to Ukraine, which is more than double the annual budget of the entire Ukrainian military.

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