September 28, 2022

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QB Tom Brady returns to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers early this week

QB Tom Brady returns to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers early this week

Tampa, Florida – Pirates Quarterback Tom Brady Coach Todd Bulls announced Sunday that he is expected to return to the team this week. Bulls didn’t give a specific date, but said: “It’s going to be early this week.”

Brady has been away from the team since August 11 for what has been described as “personal things”. The Bulls said it was something that was agreed weeks ago and that the team backed Brady, who has been in touch with the coaching staff during his absence.

Bowles said that no decision has yet been made on whether Brady will see the third and final game of the week before the start of the season at the Indianapolis Colts.

“Not yet,” Bowles said. “We’ll see how the training goes and we’ll make those decisions at the end of the week.”

In the past, teams used the third pre-season game as official training for beginners, although pre-season as a whole has seen a decline in importance in recent years, mainly because coaches see the risk of injuries as too high and want it. To give backups as much playtime as possible. The focus of this pirate preparation was to give quarterback a second year Kyle Trask As many reps as possible.

Several junior and high-profile players have not made their pre-season tour so far this year due to injury, the need for depth assessment or not taking unnecessary risks. These players include wide receivers Mike EvansAnd the Chris GoodwinAnd the Julio JonesAnd the Russell Gigcorrect processing Tristan Wirvesleft processing Donovan SmithRight keeper Shack Masonouter back Shack Barrettinside the back Lafonta David And the Devin Whitecorner Carlton Davis III and safety Antoine Winfield Jr..

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Brady has been given days off work in the past, but this is the first time he’s been away from the team during training camp or pre-season in 23 years. He missed the OTAs while with the New England Patriots in 2018 to spend more time with his family, but these practices are optional and occur in the spring, long before the regular season begins.

All of Brady’s absences with the Bucs in 2022 have been approved by the team, although it’s highly unusual for NFL teams to be given that kind of flexibility.

Brady finds himself in a difficult situation. Not just the Pro Bowl Ryan Jensen He was out for a long time with a knee injury, but Bucs lost her left guard Aaron Steni, who was contending for a starting role, to the AFC Champions League/AFC Champions League rupture on Saturday night. Evans is also still nursing a hamstring injury and Goodwin is still recovering from an ACL injury, although he is making progress and is now involved in some 7 on7 action.