December 10, 2022

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Questionable action? – The rainbow is drawn on the summit mountain in Austria

The rainbow flag symbolizes acceptance and diversity. Last week, strangers painted the emblem on the peak cross in Kleiner Sonstein, Austria. Not everyone likes it …

There is great excitement on social networks and police are already investigating in Upper Austria.

“The cross is distorted – police are asking for clues”, it said in a statement from the Upper Austrian Police on Monday. He added: “The hitherto unknown criminals drew the cross of the summit at Kleiner Sonstein in Trunkirchen. This law may have been enacted on September 23, 2021.

The truth is: This is property damage – that’s why it’s being investigated! “Information related to the investigation of criminals” will be conducted in secret, it continues.

The climber posts the photo on Facebook

“Who comes up with the idea that a peak cross is so distorted? I’m so angry right now. Not only did you not crucify at the top, it wasn’t even created very beautifully,” the annoyed mountaineer Lisbeth Grober says on Facebook.

“It doesn’t matter what the rainbow means, it’s an association or something, whether it’s well-meaning or not. It’s property damage and it’s actually noticeable.

His photo went viral fast on social media and received all sorts of reviews. “It annoys me too, Wow!” And “Very irrelevant! Incredible”, users write down.

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Another commented very positively: “A symbol that stands for charity is painted with a symbol that stands for openness and tolerance. There are so many bad things that it does not bother me.”

Grooper is with: This leads to actions such as “mass tourism” in someone else’s property and mountains. “One who wants to continue to go to the mountains to see peace and tranquility would not think of such an act.”

Mountain recovery relaxed: “We are waiting for the next rain.”

The Traunkirchen Mountain Rescue Service once erected a wooden cross at a height of 923 meters. Local branch manager Peter Panzerl told “Oberösterreichische Nachrichten”: “The colors basically stand out for a good reason, the logo can only be set differently. But we see it as completely quiet and waiting for the next rain.”

It may soon look like this:

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