September 26, 2022

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Radio host Doug Gottlieb has admitted he made a false claim about Freddy Freeman's contract talks with the Atlanta Braves

Radio host Doug Gottlieb has admitted he made a false claim about Freddy Freeman’s contract talks with the Atlanta Braves

NEW YORK – A radio host has admitted that he falsely claimed that Agent Casey Close did not report the first baseman. Freddy Freeman From the last Atlanta Braves contract show.

Doug Gottlieb tweeted on June 29 that “Casey Close never told Freddy Freeman about the Braves finale.” Close and Excel Sports Management sued Gottlieb in mid-July in US District Court in Manhattan, alleging defamation.

Gottlieb tweet apology Wednesday.

“After further scrutiny of my sources, reviewing the lawsuit against me on the matter, and having a direct conversation with Casey himself, I learned that the behavior she claimed did not occur and that there was no credible basis for declaring that it occurred,” Gottlieb wrote. The matter is that Casey Close did, in fact, report all of the shows to Freddie Freeman and that the sources she relied on were incorrect, in no uncertain terms.

Gottlieb added, “I appreciate the damage such misinformation can cause and have been in touch with Casey Close to apologize directly. I have also deleted my original tweet.”

Close, 58, is Principal Administrator of Excel and one of three Managing Partners. He has represented several hundred baseball players, including Hall of Famer Derek Jeter.

Gottlieb also tweeted on June 29 that Freeman shot Close. However, Excel is still a Freeman-listed agency, according to the Players Association.

“From the beginning, we have been clear that Mr. Gottlieb’s tweet was not entirely accurate and that we would seek legal remedies to make matters right,” Close said in a statement. “He has retracted his statement completely and admitted that he got the story wrong. We consider this matter closed.”

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The lawsuit remained pending until midday Wednesday.

According to the lawsuit, Gottlieb, 46, is affiliated with Fox Sports, Pac-12 Network and CBS Sports.

Close said in the lawsuit that Braves on March 29, 2021 offered Freeman a $110 million five-year deal beginning in 2022, then made a $125 million five-year offer on August 1 and offered $135 million on August 1. 4, Freeman rejected it all.

Close said he and Brave had their last two conversations about Freeman’s contract on March 12, and he made two proposals to the team that day that were rejected. Close said he asked the team if he had any offer he could make to Freeman and was told the team didn’t.

Atlanta announced on March 14 that it had acquired its first baseman Matt Olson from Oakland Athletics, indicating that the team is no longer trying to hold Freeman. On March 17, Freeman signed a $162 million, six-year contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Freeman investigated the .323 with 17 Homer and 84 RBI missiles.