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Ralph Northam Cancels Appearance at Fundraising Amid Protests

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Ralph Northam, Governor of Virginia, had to cancel his appearance at a fundraising event of Democratic state MP to avoid protests. Following Northam’s confession of wearing a blackface during a dance contest in the 1980s, calls for his resignation have turned into widespread protests.

Ralph Northam was expected to appear at the fundraising event of the state Sen. David Marsden on Sunday. Marsden is running for the legislator office again this year. The event was held at the community center in Burke, Virginia, a quiet suburban enclave.

His appearance at the event was cancelled “due to concerns for the safety and security of everyone in attendance”, as protestors in large number from Fairfax County NAACP, and the state Republican Party gathered outside the community center.

Demands for Ralph Northam’s resignation started from February 1, after the photograph of 1984 Eastern Virginia Medical School personal yearbook emerged.

Initially, he apologized for his appearance in the photo, but later denied being in the photograph. He again admitted that he appeared as blackface during the event that year as he was impersonating Michael Jackson in a dance contest.

Ralph Northam is still being supported by the members of his party. The Democrats have taken a step back and no longer demand his resignation, calling their previous demands as reckless.

Kofi Annan, president of the Fairfax County NAACP, said that he is upset that the Democrats have stopped asking for the resignation of the governor and is anxious that this “normalizes” his behavior. In an interview he said, “We want to send a message to all the Democrats in Virginia that . . . Governor Northam is not OK with us.”

Philip Thompson, head of the NAACP in Loudoun County, leaned on a cane and said to the gathered protestors, “No Democrat in this state wins an election without black and minority votes.”

The governor office said that they tried to set up the meet of Ralph Northam, and Fairfax NAACP, but the latter denied.

Republicans grasped the comments made during a radio interview in January about a bill that would remove restrictions on abortions. Many of the protestors held up the abortion signs as well.

Alan Krishnan, a supporter of Marsden living in Fairfax County said, “We are a country where we are innocent until proven guilty. Everybody . . . threw Northam before the bus, without really investigating what happened.”

Continuous protests will not just affect the fundraising event, but also the Democratic Party in the upcoming elections.

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