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Reading under lock and key: Instagram can be harmful to young women

Status: 16.09.2021 10:21 am

Instagram is damaging the mental health of many young people. The parent company Facebook apparently keeps internal inventions under lock and key.

Katharina Wilhelm, ARD Studio Los Angeles

Anyone who asks young people about Instagram usage quickly hears important tones: “We all know how harmful Instagram is, it’s about comparisons,” says Marion from Los Angeles, for example: .Natalia, 16, uses the stage less and sees that many of her friends are deeply concerned about it: “It creates a lot of misconceptions about what people should do. Social media does not represent a person as a whole! “

Catherine Wilhelm
ARD-Studio Los Angeles

Facebook kept the data under lock and key

Criticism that the Instagram site primarily has a negative impact on young women is not new. But apparently the parent company Facebook has its own data, which has been under lock and key for years. This was revealed by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

Documents related to an internal presentation were leaked to reporters, and one of the authors of the article, Jeff Horwitz, told the CNBC television station: “Sentence: ‘We are degrading the body image of three teenage girls.’ It can have life-threatening consequences, and about six percent of users who have injured themselves in the United States can say this directly on Instagram.

Zuckerberg says the opposite

Particularly spicy: Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg was a former member of the US Congress Emphasizes that social media has a positive effect on people’s mental health.

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In the United States alone, 22 million young people use Instagram every day. Communicate with friends, get information or chat. Psychologists have been emphasizing that there is a lot of pressure on Instagram when it comes to the right images. Psychologist Brad Clones told CNBC, “It’s not that you look good.

But WSJ journalist Georgia Wells says in an interview with Fox News that Instagram is the gateway to Facebook’s young target group: “Even though Facebook’s data shows that Instagram is harmful to teenage girls, they still want to reach younger users, and they do not want to harm their site. “

Facebook interprets numbers differently

The newspaper commented on the newspaper article in the form of a blog post. Of those, 81 percent of young people felt more connected to their friends through social media. 26% said they felt bad about social networking. WSJ journalists kept the study data in a negative light.

You don’t want to change anything on Instagram in the first place. That’s ridiculous, says Jonathan Height, a professor of psychology on American television: “I can not imagine that a product could remain on the market if it harms one – third of its adult customers.”

Increases political pressure on Instagram

In the United States, politics has also now stepped in, putting pressure on Instagram and the parent company, Facebook. It’s about a planned project to create Instagram for kids under the age of 13. In view of these findings, several senators wrote to Zuckerberg urging him to abandon such “children’s Instagram” programs.