February 1, 2023

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Reason: “Intense enough”: After the eruption in Xian: China punished the authorities

Reason: “Hard enough”
After the eruption in Xian: China punished the authorities

China is committed to even small outbreaks of the corona virus, including now. Those responsible in Xi’an are now receiving disciplinary action. It has been alleged that they were not strict enough in controlling and preventing the explosion.

The Communist Party of China has imposed disciplinary action against dozens of party executives following the outbreak of the corona virus in Xi’an. According to the Federal Disciplinary Commission, 26 party members were allowed in because of “insufficient severity in preventing and controlling the explosion.” During the studies, a very loose and uncoordinated reaction to the eruption was detected, for example during the experiment. This prevents communication tracking on Xi’an.

The representative of the Disciplinary Commission announced that he would continue to suppress “bureaucratic problems” in the fight against epidemics in the future. For example, he cited those responsible for shirking their responsibility and not taking any action or making wrong decisions. Authorities in Zion registered 49 new corona cases on Friday. This brings the total number of cases to more than 250.

The former imperialist city of Xi’an had already imposed a severe lockout on Wednesday to its more than 13 million residents. Existing travel restrictions have been tightened and the city has been sealed off from the outside. As of Thursday morning, only one family member is allowed to go shopping each day at every home in Xian. All schools and most shops were closed. The world-famous terracotta army of the first Chinese emperor also had to close the museum on display.

China wants corona-free Olympics

The corona virus was first detected in late 2019 in the central Chinese city of Wuhan. The spread of the population in the Republic was rapidly controlled by very strict locks and strict border controls, mass checks and isolation requirements in a few corona cases.

The People’s Republic is currently battling sources of infection in several cities, including major industrial cities in the east and south of the country. Authorities are keen to control the virus before the Beijing Winter Olympics begin in February.

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