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Republicans to Interrogate Robert Mueller over his Findings

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The huge contradictions and accusations over law contraventions based on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigations have lately raised calls of impeaching the president. Against the situations that have continuously stressed out the entire country, leading to political biases, the Republican Party has decided to interrogate Mueller on Wednesday for the conclusions he made in the Mueller report.

As has been noted, British ex-spy Christopher Steele, hired by the opposition party on orders of Clinton presidential campaign in 2016, was the first to mention the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation in his dossier. Mueller in his findings involved some of the references from the dossier’s allegations, and clearly rejected one allegation, though much of the dossier remains unverified.

The Mueller report suggested Russian interference in 2016 presidential elections, but did not establish any criminal conspiracy between the Russians and the Trump campaign. It also labeled 11 instances that could have possibly led to the obstruction of justice, but did not reach to any specific conclusion.

During the revelations made by Robert Mueller, many in power supported the President. Attorney General William Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein even declared Trump free from obstruction charges, saying that the Mueller Report failed to bring enough evidences to prove that the Trump campaign or anyone associated with them conspired or coordinated with Russia in an effort to influence the 2016 presidential election. The Democrats have continuously called for the President’s impeachment.

Following the innumerable allegations and continuous criticism of the President, the Republicans have decided to investigate Robert Mueller, raising questions as to “how the whole Russian investigation started?” They also wish to know as to how early did the Special Counsel’s report concluded that there was no criminal collusion.

Favoring the President, Republican Representative from Arizona Andrew Steven Biggs raised his question on Mueller’s findings saying, “When did you know that there was no conspiracy between Donald Trump and the Russians?”

“And if it was well before the 2018 midterms, why did you wait so long, and why didn’t you disclose that?” Biggs added.  

Many representatives wanted to know the way Mueller conducted his investigations while others wanted to know as to what Mueller and his team did to stop the leaks.

Rep. Greg Steube of Florida said, “How did we get to a place where we spent 22 months, had 40 FBI personnel investigating, issued 2,800-plus subpoenas and nearly 500 search warrants, interviewed 500 witnesses, and spent over $12 million dollars only to find nothing?”

It appears that the Republicans have now united to diminish the state of disgrace, which has maliciously affected the President. Amid the ambience of hatred atmosphere, they now wish to know the answers to their questions that Robert Mueller has purportedly tried to establish through his investigations. They believe that the revelations and allegations were an attempt by the Democrats to impeach Trump.

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