February 2, 2023

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Returnhouse trial: Tensions in Kenosha – Fear of violence after release

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An arbitral tribunal acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse of murder. A tense situation prevails in Kenosha. Experts warn of overuse.

+++ Update, 11/20/2021, 6:58 am: This was one of the most watched trials of the year. To the accused Kyle Rittenhouse, it ended in release. The ruling now raises fears among experts in the United States about violent violations in Kenosha, Wisconsin and elsewhere.

Several right-wing extremist groups in the United States celebrated the release of the Returnhouse trial as a victory for their cause. The nationalist website Vdare described Kenosha as a “long-awaited hero” who shot him. Representatives of the right-wing national group “Brut Boys” and supporters of the conspiracy hat QAnon cheered on a number of social media channels after the verdict was announced. According to research by Buzzfeed USA, “Our patience has its limits”, one of the messages read above in the picture of the Returnhouse holding a gun.

The situation in Kenosha remains tense following the release of Kyle Rittenhouse.

© Mark Hertzberg / Imego

The release of Kyle Rittenhouse: Right-wing groups feel empowered

According to Alex Newhouse, the risk of right-wing extremism has increased significantly as a result of the Rittenhouse Inquiry ruling. “These groups are clear and say: Be prepared to fire your guns,” he told Buzzfeed, deputy director of the Center for Terrorism, Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism at the Middlebury Institute for International Studies in Montreal. Even before the verdict, the judiciary and the FBI classified the danger posed by right-wing groups as the greatest threat within the United States.

In Kenosha, police were also preparing for riots by left-wing protesters. The Fox News Channel reported shortly after the verdict in the trial of Kyle Rittenhous was announced.

Kyle Rittenhouse: The man who shot Kenosha has been acquitted of all charges

+++ 7.30pm: A man has been acquitted in a high-level investigation into the violent killing of two people during anti-racist protests in Kenosha last year. Twelve jurors on Friday found sniper Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty on all five charges. The now 18-year-old Rittenhouse has never denied being attacked with a shotgun during a demonstration in the US state of Wisconsin, but has asserted his right to self-defense.

Fierce protests erupted in the summer of 2020 following the repeated shooting of African-American Jacob Blake in Kenosha during a police operation. The case took place in a heated political environment because about three months ago, an African American, George Floyd, was killed in a brutal police operation in Minneapolis.

Kyle R. He testified during cross-examination at Kenosha County Court in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

© Mark Hertzberg / DPA

Republicans declare Rittenhouse a hero – Fauzi a “mass murderer”

Updated Friday, November 19, 2021, from 12:18 PM: Should Kyle Returnhouse Go to Jail? At the trial against the Kenosha shooter, the arbitral tribunal withdrew to discuss the verdict. If the court finds the 18-year-old juvenile guilty, the world will be “upside down” for Republican Jackson Lahmeyer.

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Pastor is running in his party’s primary election for one of the Senate constituencies in the state of Oklahoma. In a Facebook post, Lahmeyer reveals his resemblance to Rittenhouse, who has been charged with three counts of murder. He was an “American hero” who “defended himself against convicted pedophile criminals”.

But while the heroic Returnhouse is on trial, the United States “will pay homage to a mass murderer.” Lahmeyer is none other than Dr. Anhtony Fauci. The Republican Party’s clear view of the country’s top virologist, who has advised every president since Ronald Reagan, is “he’s in jail.” In the world of Pastor Lahmeyer, Dr. But Fauci is not against it CoronaThe virus, but not the biological weapon, is part of the cabal that developed the pathogen in China.

USA: The judge again caused a stir in the Returnhouse trial

Updated Thursday, November 18, 2021, at 9.25am: The United States is still awaiting a verdict in the Kyle Returnhouse murder case. On the second day of their discussion, the arbitral tribunal was unable to reach an agreement. However, he checked several key video sources depicting the August 25, 2020 Kenosha shooting. Today, Thursday, the arbitral tribunal will resume its discussions.

Meanwhile, the judge presiding over Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial is making wonderful headlines again. When explaining his decision on why he allowed Rittenhouse to choose the names of the six jurors who did not appear in the final arbitral tribunal of twelve.

Judge Bruce Schrder went so far as to state his reasons. Schrder said it was only during a trial with a black defendant two decades ago that he finally allowed a writer to choose names. At the time it was so bad, Schrder said, for the following reason: The clerk removed “one black, one black, one black” from the 13-member jury. “People feel good when they are in control, so I follow the principle that the accused should make the choice.”

Returnhouse process divides US: Racist abuse from Trump fans

Wednesday, 11/17/2021, updated from 10:45 am: The Kyle Rittenhouse investigation continues to divide the United States. A judgment has not yet been passed, but the two factions face each other more or less uncompromisingly before a court in Kenosha. Clearly, before the verdict against Returnhouse, there was an unrest in the city.

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One of the two groups was called “Black Lives Matter”. The other group responded that “self-defense is not a crime.” But as journalist Sergio Olmos showed in a Twitter thread, this does not always end with harmless verbal conflicts. At one point, the situation almost escalated when a white man who could be identified by his hat as a fan of former President Donald Trump fought with an almost black man. In the end, it was a push and a racist shout that he should finally leave the field with his black foot.

Opposition from both sides makes clear what the trial means to the millions of people who are watching the case in Wisconsin and across the United States. For some, Returnhouse is a gun-crazy young man who took the judiciary into his own hands and shot three people in an anti-racist protest – two men who lost their lives in the process. Others see an innocent man in the Return House who was attacked by a violent mob during a demonstration on August 25, 2020 and used a weapon in self-defense.

Returnhouse has been charged with negligent murder, intentional homicide and attempted murder. He admitted his innocence in all things.

Returnhouse divides America: Now the arbitral tribunal decides his fate

Reported November 16, 2021: Kenosha – He is still in his teens. On August 25, 2020, the then 17-year-old Kyle R. Departed with a semi-automatic rifle to Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA. There he joined the armed forces to protect the shops from looting.

Because the city was in turmoil then. Mass rallies against racism and police violence erupted after a police officer severely wounded black Jacob Blake in the back with several bombs. Demos are not always quiet, sometimes under the banner of the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

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Then suddenly two people died, 36-year-old Joseph Rosenbaum and 26-year-old Anthony Hooper, shot by Kyle R. A third man, Cage Crosscroots (26), was seriously injured.

Kenosha: Trump stands behind the sniper

The case was clear. But the situation is not so simple.The process has been blamed politically and is causing a stir across the country as it is associated with Black Lives Matter protests. So the right-wingers rallied in the United States. According to them, the teenager became a real folk hero, he was almost admired by many. As an example, right-wing conservative writer Ann Coulter tweeted that she would like to see the president until the August 27, 2020 shooting from Kenosha.

Then-President Donald Trump fully supported the young man: he was “in big trouble” because protesters “violently attacked him,” Trump said at the time. “He would probably have been killed.” However, Trump has repeatedly blamed left-wing groups such as Antifa for the riots on the sidelines of protests by the Black Lives Matter movement.

Kenosha trial: Judgment immediate

Judgment is now coming. The arbitral tribunal will begin its work on Tuesday (November 16, 2021). Teen lawyers are expected to be released. They argue that the 17-year-old boy then acted in self-defense and was assaulted by those individuals. The prosecution denied this, saying it was Kyle R who “provoked” the situation. He “must be found guilty in all things.” The teenager told the court he had “done nothing wrong” but “defended himself.”

The charges include murder. Undeniable Judge Bruce Schrடர்der asked the arbitral tribunal not to be guided by “sympathy, passion, prejudice or political attitudes.” Schrder said the opinion of “the president of the United States or his predecessor” should not play a role. Joe Biden And his predecessor Donald Trump.

Kenosha: Fear of new unrest

But it is not so easy. Since Donald Trump became president, the country has been more divided than ever. The kenosha process is about which side the people in the United States are on. For some Kyle R is a hero, for others he is a murderer. This judgment cannot be considered to be equally acceptable to both parties. There is already excessive fear of being updated.

However, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers has already placed 500 state national guards on high alert to prevent unrest following the verdict. (CS)

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