December 6, 2022

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Roman Protestantism: Reporters without borders warn of a ban on flights to Belarus

Imposed by the European Union Take-off and landing ban for Belarusian airlines According to the estimate Reporters without borders Causing adverse effects. “Non-flying sanctions can be negative. It is important not to close all doors for journalists and members of civil society,” said Christian Mihr, managing director of Germany’s Editorial Network, which has no borders.

It is good that the EU has quickly and uniformly accepted sanctions. But flights are one of the few ways Belarus Can exit as the land boundary is closed Poland Closed due to corona.

EU heads of state and government have decided to block airspace for flights from Belarus and ban landing at EU airports. They responded to the forced landing of a Ryanair plane in Minsk and the arrest of opposition Roman Protestantism.

On the way from Belarus was the Ryanair plane Athens Vilnius was forced to stop Sunday in Minsk under the pretext of a bomb threat and a fighter jet. Protashevich and his girlfriend of Russian descent were arrested. They face a lengthy prison sentence, and Protashevich read the forced confession in a video. The incident has provoked international outrage and calls for a clear response.

Calls for sanctions against the Trinity economy

However, Greens also refer to foreign policy classifiers Of Jurgen Tritin Controlling passenger flights from Belarus “less effectively”. This will give people the opportunity to leave the country.

“Sanctions should focus on the economy. Oil and potash are Belarus’ main exports. About 30 percent of foreign trade revenues are generated by the state-owned oil and chemical company,” said Trittin. Alexander Lukashenko Would love to meet.

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