December 9, 2022

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Washington Commanders v Chicago Bears

Ron Rivera slams a report on Daniel Snyder picking Carson Wentz

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There were more fireworks in the press room after the game than on the field tonight.

Speaking to reporters after the 12-7 win, captain Ron Rivera responded angrily to a report, attached to a lengthy ESPN article from Thursday, that owner Daniel Snyder “pleadMidfield trade team Carson Wentz.

“Everyone always wanted to say I didn’t want to do anything with Carson,” Rivera said via’s Michelle Steele. “Okay, crap. I’m the fucking guy The one who pulled the papers, who looked at the analyses, who watched the tape and the stunned – when we were in Indianapolis. This is what bothers me. Because the young man does not deserve it all the time. I’m sorry, you’re done. “

And with that, Rivera came out.

The rant comes just three days after Rivera, who one day later He retracted his statementattributed the team’s struggles relative to other teams in the NFC East to “quarterback. “

Rivera had to expect that he would get questions about the situation after the match, his first media availability since he made the comments about Wentz, and the first since an ESPN report. But, hey, he’s back at the place where he once played linebacker and managed to take the win. He was clearly in no mood to talk about anything but the positive result that the team somehow engineered against the Bears.

It was a rare saucy blast from a coach during a session with reporters, especially in the age of Twitter. Somewhere, former Vikings coach Jerry Burns Agrees with that message.

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