May 26, 2022

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Ronaldinho was taken into custody: the lawyer was killed on the beach on his honeymoon

Was in Ronaldinho’s custody
The prosecutor was killed on the beach at the honeymoon

In 2020, Marcelo Becky’s trials sentenced former world footballer Ronaldinho to life in prison. However, above all, the public prosecutor in Paraguay is taking action against the drug-related offense. Now this is apparently his defiance: on his honeymoon, Pechi was shot dead on the beach.

Marcelo Becky, a lawyer who fought drug-related crimes in Paraguay, was shot dead during his honeymoon in Colombia. According to Colombian Police Chief George Louis Vargas, Pechi was killed on a Caribbean island during his honeymoon. He talked about “murder”. Five investigators were sent to Baru Island. They are seeking support from experts in Paraguay and the United States.

Becci married journalist Claudia Aguilera in Cartagena, Colombia, in late April. So the two were surrounded by other tourists on the private beach of a luxury hotel. Aguilera W told the radio station that “two men came in a boat and started firing.” The perpetrators fled. A security guard who rushed to the rescue was also shot.

Aguilera said her husband had never received any threats before. In the last photo posted on Instagram, the couple could be seen hugging on the beach. Baby shoes were found on the front to indicate that the newlyweds were expecting a baby. A colleague confirmed this to a Colombian radio station.

Produced in Colombia, shipped to Europe via Paraguay

According to the hotel, “the killers came ashore in a jet ski.” Colombian police have released a photo of one of the alleged killers, wearing black Bermuda shorts and a brown Panama hat on his head. According to Police Chief Vargas, Colombia and Paraguay are cooperating with the DEA, an American pharmaceutical company, in the investigation. Police have announced a $ 488,000 reward for information leading to the capture of the killers.

The President of Paraguay Mario Apto Benitez condemned the act in “harsh words”. Apto Benitez wrote on Twitter that the whole country was mourning “the cowardly murdered lawyer Marcelo Pechi”. He announced that he was going to step up the fight against planned crimes. His Colombian colleague Ivan Duk issued a similar statement.

Pecci is known for interrogating footballer Ronaldinho, who was jailed for entering Paraguay between March and August 2020 with fake documents. Colombia is the world’s largest cocaine producer, while Paraguay has become a major transit point for narcotics in Europe.

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