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Would Rudy Giuliani’s Disbarment Bring any Good to Kamala Harris?

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Are Sen. Kamala Harris’s calls to disbar the personal lawyer of President Trump, Rudy Giuliani, just a tactic to gain attention with her performance going down the bar amongst other Democratic hopefuls? With the 2020 elections nearing, Americans are more concerned about the policies that would be introduced by the new President rather than the debate over the disbarment of a lawyer.

Giuliani has never been responsible for the country’s foreign affairs, let alone being an active part of the upcoming elections. Yet, he is in the limelight today due to his involvement with Ukrainian officials on President Trump’s behalf.

On Thursday, Democratic hopeful Harris suggested Rudy Giuliani should be disbarred after the details of Trump asking Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky to launch an investigation on another Democratic hopeful Joe Biden emerged.

Harris in regards with Giuliani advised the New York Bar Association to disbar him and further probe him to see if he used the government resources for political gain.

She said, “The New York Bar Association needs to investigate Giuliani and probably disbar him. To help ensure that the foreign relations of the United States are carried out in good faith, I request that you investigate these and other circumstances described in the complaint and preserve all relevant records.

“I am particularly concerned that Department officials might have been aware of or aided Mr. Giuliani in violation of law or regulations against engaging in partisan political activities. And frankly, if there were any members of the State Department who were facilitating Rudy Giuliani’s private conversations on behalf of the president, there should be accountability and consequence for that.”

But, the question remains, would Giuliani’s disbarment solve any purpose? Wouldn’t it have been more appropriate if Harris would have backed the calls for an impeachment inquiry instead?

The calls by the California Democrat to disbar Giuliani are baseless because the President has often thrown his confidant under the bus. Harris, being a 2020 hopeful, instead of asking the authorities to disbar him, should contemplate on how can she get Trump impeached or get the trial started to gain a upper hand in the 2020 elections, even against her Democratic rivals.

Rudy Giuliani has continuously claimed that neither the President nor Giuliani had done anything illegal, as Trump himself refused no truth to speculations of any wrongdoing. However, as soon as complaint from American intelligence community whistleblower was released he claimed of having “no knowledge of any of that crap” and termed the accusations of speaking with Ukrainian officials as “total nonsense”.

Calls for disbarring Rudy Giuliani will only serve to distract the focus of people from the policies laid out by the 2020 hopefuls. These calls might negatively impact the support that the Democrats have managed to garner till now and will for certain not change the face of the elections.

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