December 7, 2022

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Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert arrives for Game 3 of the team's NBA basketball first-round playoff series against the Dallas Mavericks on April 21, 2022, in Salt Lake City. Gobert has been traded by the Jazz to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Rudy Gobert explains why he thinks jazz has replaced him away

Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert arrives in Game Three of the team’s NBA First Round series against the Dallas Mavericks on April 21, 2022, in Salt Lake City. Gobert was traded by Jazz to the Minnesota Timberwolves. (Rick Bomer, The Associated Press)

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SALT LAKE CITY – Rudy Gobert stood in front of a background covered in Timberwolves crests as he raised his Minnesota No. 27 jersey. Yes, it will take more than five days to get used to it.

Minnesota held its introductory press conference for Gobert on Tuesday, officially beginning the new life of the former NBA jazz center.

For Timberwolves, a trade that sent four players and several draft picks to Jazz was an easy decision. wolves small team market; Chances of adding an All-Star early in their career with several years remaining on their contract don’t come often. Sure, the price was exorbitant – and you could say they overpaid – but for them, the risk was worth it.

So, after the Minnesota brass paid tribute to Joubert and his game — describing him as a game-changing player and future Hall of Fame — the question was put to Joubert: Why would Utah, another small market franchise, trade you away?

“That’s a good question. I mean, he obviously lost (former jazz coach Quinn Snyder),” Joubert began. “Queen was there for eight years; it was a big part of what we were doing. The winning window isn’t always that big. And for us, in Utah, that’s what happened. I think the organization felt like we might have gone past that window that we’ve had over the course of The last few years. I think it’s clear they’ll still be a very competitive team, but they felt like with all the assets they could get with me, they had better go that route.”

In the end, though, Joubert said, both sides can see it as a victory. The Timberwolves are hoping to contend for the title right now, and Gobert will surely help them do just that. Meanwhile, jazz musicians have gained more options for their future.

“I think it’s potentially a win-win situation,” Joubert said. “They also put me in a great position to win. And for me, that’s why I’m really grateful for that. They put me in a team where I can continue to thrive and hope to win the championship. And then for them, I really hope they can do better and hopefully that’s it.” They get to that point where we were a few years ago. Even though we didn’t get past the second round, we were first in the West – it didn’t happen. It happens very often.”

Three-time Defensive Player of the Year recognizes that all of these key moves come with risks, but he’s grateful to be on a team that has a chance to compete at a high level.

He said, “It’s never easy. It’s always my guess. You never know what’s right, what’s wrong, and sometimes you have to make decisions, and that’s what they did. … I’m grateful they put me in a position to win.” .

Joubert admitted that he wanted to spend his entire career with the same team; Embrace Utah – giving back to the community through his charitable foundation and also his time. He built a house in the Salt Lake Valley and was very proud of what the jazz team had built as a team. But he admitted on Tuesday that there is excitement in something new.

“I’m the type to think early on that it would be cool to spend my entire career in the same place,” he said. “But also, I always wonder how great it is to be in a new place and in a new system and in a new environment. So it’s kind of like everything that’s going on, it’s positive.

“I’ve had a great nine years in Utah, we’ve built something so unique that will never go away,” he continued. “Even though we haven’t won a championship, I think those years have been great years in terms of winning. We’ve won the most games in the last four years in the NBA – despite not having a ring at the end, it’s still a pretty cool feat. All those years and all that grinding has made me a better player, a better person, and now I’m in a position where I hope to be able to take this team to where we want to be. And that’s very exciting,.”

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