December 5, 2022

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Rupert Murdoch copies the scandalous newspaper “The Sun”

For decades, “The Sun” was one of the most widely read newspapers in Great Britain. The newspaper, which is said to have more than 130 million people on the web every month, reaches more than two million people on paper every day. Readers like exciting, often exciting headlines. Influencers in politics and business are also afraid of campaigns. Money printing machine for Rupert Murdoch, owner of one of the richest and most powerful media entrepreneurs in the world, who owns the right-wing American television broadcaster Fox.

Now shouldn’t all of this be worth anything anymore? At the very least it is clear from the balance sheet documents released by the owner news team. Accordingly, Murdoch has set the balance sheet value of newspapers to zero. Initially, the Guardian And this New York TimesAbout Report on this.

The losses that began with the Corona crisis are also a reason to write abruptly. Accordingly, the Sun-owned newsgroup tripled its pre-tax loss to 200 200 million in the last financial year, ending in June 2020. The result was a 23 percent drop, for example due to a drop in sales and advertising revenue.

However, the majority of deductions, about 80 percent, may be due to 15 years of age Wiretapping scandal To do. Over the years, Murdoch’s journalists have tapped the phones of thousands of politicians, celebrities and members of the royal family.

Murdoch so far denies that the “sun” should have been involved in these practices. However, the balance sheet now stands at 16 164 million, which, according to the Guardian, has been declared a “one-time payment” in connection with the wiretapping scandal, of which only $ 52 million is paid in fees and compensation to civilian victims.

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But the former MP said. And the Guardian reports that Liberal Democrat Simon Hughes was paid only a “substantial sum” last week. His phone calls were hacked in 2006. “Sun” then directed a cover film in which they portrayed him as gay. According to his own statement, Hughes was two. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

The end of the “sun”?

The company has been the subject of defamation suits in the course of normal business and has been defending itself, the news team said, adding that the Guardian could be considered. “

However, Murdoch does not seem to believe that trade will recover quickly. Instead, the annual report predicts a further decline in sales in the coming years. The 84 84 million “publishing rights devaluation” means he did not expect the headlines to return to lucrative growth.