December 10, 2022

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Russia bans the word champagne – renaming it bright wine – politics abroad

The upper class probably does not like it.

Russia’s richest man, Moid Hennessy, loves champagne. But they will soon have to do without good wine.

Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin enacted a new law on Friday: the word “champagne” is reserved only for Russian colored wines, with the French province of champagne To call themselves the infamous “Sect.”

So the Russian branch of the beverage manufacturer Moyd Hennessy announced that it would suspend supplies.

Beverage distribution company AST announced that Moid Hennessy had written a letter regarding the planned suspension of its champagne deliveries. AST boss Leonid Rafilov said the move was “reasonable”. According to him, Moid Hennessy will be forced by law to re-register in Russia.

According to Rafilo, this is only a “temporary” measure until the dispute is resolved. Sebastian Wilmot, the Russian boss of Moid Hennessy, did not want to comment on the name dispute.

Like the champagne brands Moyd Sandon, Weave Cliccode and Dom Perrigan, Moyd Hennessy also belongs to the French luxury group LVMH. According to industrialist Vadim Tropis, Moyd Hennessy has only a small share of the Russian champagne market. “Without Moid, there would be no conspiracy, and the Russian elite would not commit suicide,” Trobes joked.

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