May 26, 2022

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Russia: Courageous journalists call for Putin’s exit – Kremlin media – politics abroad

And you may be a dictator Vladimir Putin (69) At “Victory Day” There was a lot of disappointment.

On Monday, one of Russia’s leading news outlets summed up its harsh criticism of the war – and called for the exit of the Kremlin tyrant.

One of about 40 articles published on “”: “Putin must go. He starts a meaningless war and takes Russia into the abyss.

It’s all day on Russia’s military parade day!

Meanwhile the texts are back offline, In the web archive But still available. It all started with the notion that not all posts are coordinated with the leadership of the media.

A screenshot from the archived homepage. The article on the left and the article above on the right are both headlines: “Putin must go. He starts a meaningless war and takes Russia into the abyss.Photo:

Also: The articles also contain Ukrainian data on the losses of Russian soldiers in the Ukrainian war! In fact, Russia’s population is strictly protected from this number.

At first it was suspected on the internet that it might be a hacker attack. But then the former head of the economic sector Yegor Palyakov and his colleague Alexandra “Sasha” Miroshnikova acknowledged the bold opposition.

Paliago’s statement said: “Sasha and I made a conscious decision a long time ago. (…) We are mainly guided by our conscience.

The journalist continued: “I believe that all opponents of the war must unite now, regardless of their views.”

Paliakov says he and his colleagues decided to use Lenta’s access, as free media can no longer be called in Russia without alternative Internet access.

Nothing was initially known about the possible legal consequences of this action. In Russia, the so-called “fake news” about the Russian armed forces imposes heavy fines. But they need to get rid of their jobs, Palyakov said.

The protest of the two editors is reminiscent of journalist Marina Ovsyanikova, 43, who was previously loyal to this line, who appeared on Russian state television’s main news program a few weeks after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. – War poster.

Another incident on Russian television

Also, a review of the war was read on Russian television on Monday. “Your hands are covered with the blood of thousands of dead Ukrainians and children,” it said.

Even the names of the TV stations were said to have been shown as “blood on your hands”. It seems that hackers were behind this incident.

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