December 10, 2022

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Russia: Many die in shooting at Perm University – Students jump out of windows – News

In Russia, a shooting at the University of Siberian Perm (1,200 kilometers east of Moscow) killed at least eight people and injured 19 others. A masked man opened fire at 11 a.m. Monday, the University of Perm writes. Social media page.

Seven of the victims were taken to hospital, one is in a life-threatening condition, according to the health ministry.

Dmitry Makhon, governor of the Perm region of the Russian news agency DOS, said “an attacker has been fired.” The attacker is said to have caused significant resistance and was injured during the arrest operation.

Gunman on Perm University campusPhoto: RENTV

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Students and staff left the windows in panic

Students and staff jumped out of windows on the first floor in panicPhoto: RENTV

Videos on the Telegram social network show students and teachers jumping from first floor windows. In the university building, students blocked the doors with chairs and desks.

The university urged everyone to lock themselves in the lecture halls. Lecturers said their offices were locked in front of the masked man.

Police protect crime scene at Perm University

Police protect crime scene at Perm UniversityPhoto: STRINGER / REUTERS

According to Russian media reports, the attacker was identified as Timur P. (18). Shortly before his action, he posted a confirmation of this action on his “VKontakte” page (Russian Facebook).

The 18-year-old wrote: “What happened was not a terrorist attack (at least from a legal point of view). I am not a member of an extremist organization, I am not religious or political. No one knew what I would do, I did this act alone. “

He retaliated, planning the action for a long time – and saving a long time to buy his weapons. Police have launched an investigation into his murder.

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