December 5, 2022

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Russia: Opposition leader Dmitry Gudko wants to flee to Ukraine

A few months before the general election Russia Authorities are cracking down on members of the Russian opposition. Kremlin critic and former parliamentarian Dmitry Gutkov has now made the necessary decisions and announced that he is leaving the country. He seeks refuge in the Ukrainian capital Kiev Find out. The 41-year-old announced this in a telegram.

“Many circles close to the presidential administration have told me that if I do not leave the country, fake criminal activities will continue until I am arrested,” Gutko wrote on social media. “If I stay, Gudkov is allowed to solve the question ‘by all means’.”

The Battle of Gudko He was arrested Tuesday on the charge He had to pay the city for renting the office space. He was released from police custody two days later. His lawyer said Thursday that no charges had been brought. If convicted, Gutkov could face up to five years in prison. Police were near his country home Tuesday Moscow Searched for. The raids also took place in the apartments of other opposition members.

On Monday evening, opposition leader Andre Bivovaro was at the police station Shortly before he left for Warsaw Taken from the plane. On Wednesday, the 39-year-old was ordered by a court to detain him for two months. He faces up to six years in prison.

Pivovrov is the former leader of the Open Russia opposition movement, which split last week due to mounting pressure from Russian officials. Open Russia was once used by Kremlin critics Mikhail Kodarkovsky Established.