December 10, 2022

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Russia praises the Taliban and at the same time equips itself

AAfter the Taliban captured Kabul, other countries hastily closed their embassies and wanted to expel all personnel from Afghanistan as soon as possible. Russia is different: its ambassador will talk to representatives of the Taliban, which controls the area around the embassy, ​​about the security of the mission, said Samir Kapulov, President Vladimir Putin’s special envoy to Afghanistan, on Monday. Echo Muskie is visible on the radio station. The Russian embassy in Kabul will continue to work, but will have to take about a hundred staff out of the country.

Russia’s state media have previously reported that the Taliban have promised to guarantee the security of diplomats; A spokesman for the group quoted state news agency DOS as saying that they had “good relations with Russia” and wanted to continue working with the country’s embassy and other representatives. Putin On Monday, the special envoy sought to portray the Taliban as less vicious than other groups: he was not afraid that Taliban militants would become the new incarnation of the “Islamic State” (IS), Kapilov said, praising the Taliban: as opposed to the NATO, the ISIS, including the entire state of Afghanistan, including ISIS. “Struggling.

Security measures have been strengthened in Central Asia

The Taliban gave credible assurances that they “did not want to repeat their tragic fate,” Kapulov said, with the aim of overthrowing the Taliban regime in 2001. According to Kapulo, other extremist groups in Afghanistan are focusing on the whole of Central Asia, Pakistan or Iran, rather than the country. A series of official meetings with Taliban representatives in Moscow recently coincided with Moscow’s practice, although the group has banned itself as a “terrorist” in Russia, for example, There is. But despite such measures, people are aware of the threat posed by Islamist militants and security measures in Central Asia have been strengthened accordingly.

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Russia supplies arms to Tajikistan and Uzbekistan and conducts joint military exercises with the two countries’ armed forces near the Afghan border. According to Russian Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimo, the aim was to protect against the “terrorist threats” currently emerging from the “direction of Afghanistan.” Tajikistan, Moscow maintains its largest foreign military base, with a 1,300-kilometer border with Afghanistan; Bush told an autonomous official in Dushanbe. Emomali Rashman, Russia’s full support in securing the border.

Where the Soviet Union once suffered a catastrophic defeat – more than 15,000 Soviet soldiers were killed during the 1980s invasion – the image of Western hegemony, the United States, is now devastated. Moscow has long supported Western mission, for example, allowing Americans to provide troops using their own airspace. The only decline in relations in recent years has been the expulsion of the United States and now the defeat, in Moscow’s view, corrected the turning point of 2001, the invasion of Afghanistan by massive Western troops and years. In recent weeks, Moscow has opposed US efforts to establish new military bases in Central Asia.