December 9, 2022

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Russia successfully tests hypersonic missiles

The United States and China already have the latest generation of high-speed missiles. Now Russia joins: President Vladimir Putin declares victory with hypersonic weapons.

Russia According to the President Vladimir Putin Successfully tested several hypersonic missiles simultaneously. The tests were carried out overnight and were “successful and flawless,” Putin said in a televised speech Friday. He added that for Russia it was “a major event and an important step in strengthening Russia’s security and improving its defense capabilities”.

Putin announced the development of the Zircon hypersonic missile in February 2019. The Russian military then conducted several missile tests. However, Russia has not yet reported that several zirconium missiles were tested simultaneously. Flights were disappointed in July due to lack of desired limit.

Hypersonic missiles can reach speeds of up to five times the speed of sound and are maneuverable while flying. They are difficult to detect and intercept for routine air defense. Developing hypersonic missiles is an international competition United States, Russia and China Swollen.

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