December 4, 2022

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Russia: The Kremlin boss’ secret daughter: Will Katrina Vladimirovna Dikonova succeed Putin?

Katarina Vladimirovna Dikonova, the secret daughter of Russian ruler Vladimir Putin. (Archive image)

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Russian President Vladimir Putin manages his personal life carefully. His second daughter appeared a few years ago – already being traded as an heir.

Moscow / Kiev – Russian ruler Vladimir PutinHe is best known for his dictatorial nature, his actions contrary to international law, and his support for the Assad regime. Syria*, For imprisoning such critics Alexei Navalny* And most recently to his war of aggression Conflict in Ukraine*. As for the Kremlin boss, he is primarily concerned with these issues. Very little or nothing about his family. This is a big secret According to report *.

Moscow government sources do not want to hear anyone talking about the Russian president’s private affairs. Citing Russian journalists, The New York Times reported that it was easier to cover up national security issues than Putin’s family. Little is known about Putin’s children. According to Putin, he has two daughters. The identity of the second daughter, Katarina Vladimirovna Dikonova, was revealed only a few years ago.

Putin’s family: Several sources confirm that Dikonova is the daughter of the Russian president

There is no consistent information about Dikonova, but there is a lot of information. She is actually the daughter of Vladimir Putin. The RBC, then an independent Russian media group, published a statement citing Dikonova as Putin’s daughter. One year after the report, the RBC’s head teachers were fired and two teachers from the state – owned TASS were replaced.

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Evidence from Moscow State University confirmed to RBC that Dikonova was in fact the daughter of the Russian president. The Kremlin does not confirm or deny this. Following media speculation, the Reuters news agency also asked a leading Russian businessman and two top academics involved. Everyone confirmed the true identity of Dikonova. Now there is no doubt – Katarina Vladimirovna Dikonova is the daughter of Vladimir Putin.

Daughter of Vladimir Putin: Public Origin and Rise – Leading role in state university

Dikonova was the daughter of Vladimir Putin and Lyudmila Alexandrovna Ocheretnaya, whom Putin married from 1983 to 2014. He was born on August 31, 1986 in Dresden, where his father worked as a KGB agent. He has an older sister, Maria Vorontsova, who was born a year ago in 1985. During his childhood, he attended German school in St. Petersburg and later at the German embassy in Moscow, according to Focus News. As stated in it New York Times Both Putin’s daughters attended their schools under pseudonyms and their classmates did not know their true identities.

During his studies, Dikonova focused on the Asian region. He specializes in Japanese studies at both St. Petersburg and Moscow State University. Dikonova was married to professional rock ‘n’ role dancer and Russian businessman and billionaire Grill Shamalo from 2013 to 2018, and for a time was an economic adviser to the Russian government. Gradually, Dikonova began to appear more frequently on television.

For example, in 2018, he appeared in a short report on the Rosija TV channel on the InnoPractica science project for which he was the director. It is a high technology company and a development company. Another look at the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg in June 2021 – Russia’s response to Davos. This is due to a program on artificial intelligence at Moscow State University. Dikonova, who has a master’s degree in physics and mathematics, was appointed head of the new AI Institute at Moscow University in February 2020. His own company, InnoPractica, is significantly involved in the project.

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Putin’s family: Kremlin boss’ possible plan – daughter of Russian president after father?

Many are still wondering whether the Russian ruler Putin is already preparing for his successor and wants to see his daughter become head of state after he leaves, especially after Dikonova’s public appearance. It is true that he was not involved in Russian politics. After all, Russian President Vladimir Putin insisted that his daughters carry on their “own life.” But Dikonova is in a very influential position.

Reports of Putin’s family in the Russian media are seen as an absolute barrier. Still, Dikonova, Vladimir Putin’s secret daughter, suddenly appeared on state television Russia* And talks about their plans in the business forum. She was not introduced there as the president’s daughter, but she is already sensitive enough to appear in public. It could take a while for the world to find out about Putin’s successor – Dikonova or anyone else. This is because the Kremlin boss has theoretically extended his term of office until 2036 by law. (Bb) * is an offer IPPEN.MEDIA.