December 3, 2022

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Russian attacks have serious consequences for Kiev

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Russia rejects talks with Ukraine Will Moscow shoot down US satellites soon? Message Ticker.

+++ 3.10 pm: Fresh damage to energy supplies threatens the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, with an even more severe blackout. During the night, a Russian attack on a plant in the surrounding area caused “severe damage”, said electricity supplier Yasno. As a result, millions of metropolitan areas lack a third of the required efficiency. “Sitting without half the lights in Kyiv can happen,” it said. Since early October, the Russian military has been aggressively trying to destroy Ukraine’s infrastructure — even though attacks on civilian objects are prohibited under international law.

Kiev is still threatened by long power outages. © Efrem Lukatsky/dpa

Ukraine War News: Negotiations? The Kremlin disagrees

+++ 2:13 pm: The Russian leadership has denied reports that Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin has offered to hold talks with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. “There is no specific message in this case – there is no question about that,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said of the statements by the West African nation of Guinea-Bissau’s president, Oumarro Sisoko Mbalo. In Moscow, Mbalo offered to convey Putin’s position only during his next visit to Kiev.

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At a press conference with Zelenskyj in Kiev on Wednesday evening (October 26), Mbalo said Putin was open to talks. Guinea-Bissau’s president also currently runs the business of ECOWAS, the West African Economic Zone. In Moscow and Kiev, he worked primarily to ensure that Ukrainian grain exports continued under the supervision of the United Nations and Turkey. Russia is threatening not to extend the program.

Ukraine war news: Russia threatens to shoot down US satellites

Updated from Thursday, October 27, 12:53 pm: Russia has threatened to attack commercial US satellites if they continue to use them to transmit data to Kyiv during the war in Ukraine. Konstantin Vorontsov, Russia’s Foreign Ministry representative to the United Nations, complained that the use of US civilian satellites in military conflicts was a dangerous trend. mugAccording to a report on Thursday night (October 27).

“Semi-civilian infrastructure can become a legitimate target for a counterattack,” Vorontsov warned. Western countries thus undertake civil space travel, but also jeopardize many social and economic projects on Earth.

In Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, satellite imagery plays an important role in intelligence. Many Western countries are making data available for security in Kyiv. Ukraine has a partial information advantage here, as Russia’s satellite network, for its part, is less dense. Russia is capable of attacking satellites in space. In November last year, Russia shot down one of its own decommissioned satellites with a laser weapon, sparking international outrage.

News on Ukraine War: Russia Allegedly Recruiting “Murderers and Rapists”

Report from Thursday, October 27: KYIV – According to Ukrainian sources, Russia is recruiting A large number of prisoners during the partial mobilizationTo fight a war with Ukraine. “According to available information, representatives of private military campaigns are recruiting prisoners at the Ulyanovsk correctional facility,” the military general staff wrote on Facebook. Most of the prisoners were “murderers, rapists and drug dealers”.

Meanwhile, a power plant in Sevastopol, on the Crimean peninsula annexed by Russia, was hit by a drone, according to officials. This was announced by the head of the city, Mikhail Rasvoszeiv. During the night attack, the transformer was set on fire, but it was not connected to the grid at that time. No one was injured and the port city’s power supply was not affected. The drone was intercepted while approaching the power plant, the city manager wrote in a telegram. Sevastopol is important as a base for the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

Ukraine war news: Russian tank farm on fire

The peninsula, claimed by Russia since 2014, has seen several explosions and drone strikes on military positions. Ukraine has not officially committed to this. But incidents suggest that Kiev has the ability to strike behind the front lines.

According to media reports, a fire broke out at a fuel depot in the Russian-controlled city of Shakhtarsk in the Donbass on Wednesday (October 26). The city is about 50 kilometers east of Donetsk. The Ukrainian military has repeatedly attacked Russian supply routes with long-range Himar rocket launchers from the United States. (with agencies)