September 28, 2022

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Russian naval commander killed in fighting in Mariupol

Russian naval commander killed in fighting in Mariupol

On Sunday, Russian officials reportedly confirmed the death of a navy commander amid fighting in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol.

In a statement via the online messaging service Telegram, Russian-Monument to the Governor of the Occupation City Sevastopol confirmed Andre Pale dies, according to Radio Free Europe Russia service.

Razovugayev, 51, was the deputy commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

The death of Razovogaev was also confirmed by Secretary of the Nakhimov Naval College Konstantin Tsarenko, via the VKontakte social network, according to BBC.

Ukrainian officials have reported the deaths of five high-ranking Russian military officers since the country began invading Ukraine last month, though Moscow has confirmed only one.

Ukrainian Presidential Adviser On Saturday, Volodymyr Zelensky said that the commander of the Russian army, Lieutenant-General Andrei Mordvishev, was killed at an airport near the city of Kherson.

Western intelligence estimates indicate that the number of dead and wounded Russian forces reaches a thousand per day Washington Post.

Russia intensified its attacks on civilian targets in the past week, while the United States also warned of possible use of chemical weapons by Moscow.

defense minister Lloyd AustinPentagon chief Lloyd Austin said Russia ‘struggled with logistics’, and ‘made slips’ in invading Ukraine on Sunday shows preview: Biden calls Putin a war criminal as conflict in Ukraine continues. On Sunday said The use of more destructive weapons in Ukraine is a sign of the Russian president Russian President Vladimir PutinBelarussian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has said Putin is “completely sane” and “in better shape than ever” forcibly moving thousands of Mariupol residents to Russia, according to the city council. The Pentagon chief says Russia “struggled with logistics,” and More “missteps” were made in the Ukrainian invasion Attempting to “restore some momentum” amid reports that the invasion of Moscow has stalled.

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