January 30, 2023

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Russian soldiers plan to invade Germany and America

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Re-invasion plans were announced on Russian state television. “Voice of Putin” again plays a leading role.

Moscow/Washington, DC – He is considered “Voice of Putin”: Vladimir Rudolfowitsch Solovyov has made a name for himself on the world stage. This is due to his appearance on Russian state television. There he continues to disseminate the crude theses including Ukraine conflict. More recently, he warned that the world would end if Russia lost the war.

Several weeks ago he joked about a Russian invasion of Britain. Now “Putin’s voice” on Russian state television has threatened the next invasion of a foreign country. Julia Davies is a journalist for News Portal The Daily BeastDocumented the case Twitter.

“Voice of Putin” threatens further invasions on Russian state television

In a video shared by Davis, Solovyov recounted his recent visit to the war front Ukraine. There he met the “intellectuals” soldiers. Solovyov said that many fighters told him that Washington and Berlin were the next targets for the army to conquer.

Vladimir Solovyov poses on Russian state television. (Screenshot) © YouTube / Russian Media Monitor

The fight against “Nazis” was a priority for the armed forces, he insisted: “When you talk to them they are all very serious, they have no question about who they are fighting for or what they are fighting for, they are fighting. They are Nazis.”

Russian State TV: Kremlin Propaganda Uses ‘Nazi’ Narrative

The “Nazi” narrative is a well-known device of Russian propagandists in the context of the Ukraine conflict. A link is always being built between the Ukrainian people and the Azov Brigade. It is actually a right-wing extremist group. This was mainly due to the former Ukrainian ambassador Andriy Melnik, who defended her, known in Germany. The group also fought for months Russia They laid siege to the Mariupol Steelworks.

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Solovyov used this story several times. In the video, the propagandist claimed that the Russian soldiers came from the now illegally annexed areas of eastern Ukraine, meaning they were “recruited” by the Russian military. In an earlier statement on Russian state television, Solovyov described the regions as Russian regions. At that time he complained: “Our region is occupied” – and turned Ukraine from the victim to the perpetrator. From this he concluded that Russia needed international military assistance. However, he left unmentioned the heavy losses of the Russian army. Even Vladimir Putin has already admitted this.

The losses are currently increasing domestic political pressure on Vladimir Putin. That’s why the Kremlin has taken action now For desperate PR campaigns. (Do)