December 4, 2022

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Sam Wilson is Captain America.

Sam Wilson is Captain America.

Anthony Mackie and Chris Evans

Anthony Mackie and Chris Evans
picture: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

some new news smash yesterday In fourth place for a long time in the works of Marvel captain America movie, any ad Cloverfield ParadoxJulius Onah had signed on to direct Anthony Mackie’s first full-length movie in the title role.

Mackie’s rise to the role of Captain America, created in Avengers: EndgameAnd the Then play with it, explore it and eventually embed it in Disney+ Falcon and the Winter SoldierAnd the It’s delicate for the MCU, and expressive – the first time around (give or take a little Norton-Ruffalo switcheroo and some Light Black Widow Swap) in which the large-scale franchise attempted to introduce a “new” character into it a key The role of the Avengers.

But please don’t twist it, MCU fans: Sam Wilson he is Captain America – Something that Chris Evans’ ex-cape felt animated to remind his skeptics in no uncertain terms today.

Specifically, Evans shared To the Twitter thread of The Hollywood Reporterwhich put up a lot of strange language in its coverage of hiring Unah It seemed oddly conservative to refer to Mackie’s Sam Wilson as Captain America, who openly wondered if Evans might return to the franchise for Cap 4—On the grounds that “stacking blocks on one-on-one outings is a key component of Marvel at this point.” (There’s also little about whether the new movie will delve into ‘The question about who is entitled to carry the shield.”Seriously: We just did a great TV show about that.)

Anyway, Evans didn’t have any of it. “Sam Wilson is Captain America,” he stated clearly in response to the topic. (which was then challenged by a group of commentators who praised it as a true one-cap, etc., etc., But hey, the online masses will cheer, stupidly, sometimes.) And while we’ll admit that Marvel stars sometimes lie as part of the company’s vaunted veil of secrecy, it seems highly implausible that Evans is being dishonest here – that’s what Mackie is showing right now.and Evans It seems So glad to let him shine the spotlight and let Steve Rogers have some good stuff comfort.

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