August 15, 2022

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Saturday July 7, 2022 Lotto: Current Winning Numbers

There are a total of nine prize categories depending on the correct number typed or the correct super number. To win, type at least two numbers correctly and the super number must be correct.

Profit margin

The amount of the prize depends on the prize class and stake. Exact numbers, type of prize and amount paid are ideal. The amount of money distributed among the nine prize categories corresponds to 50 percent of the shares. The winning amount is higher when as many tickets as possible are played and as few players guess the correct numbers as possible.


According to, the chance of winning class 1, i.e. six correct numbers and one super number, is about 1:140 million. As of September 23, 2020, the odds of winning individual classes are compiled as follows.

Class The number is correct Paying area Profit Opportunity 1 to
1 6 OK + SZ 15 percent 1x 139.838.160
2 6 are correct 15 percent 9 times 15,537,573
3 5 OK + SZ 5.2 percent 258x 542.008
4 5 are correct 15.5 percent 2,322x 60,223
5 4 Perfect + SZ 4.3 percent 13,545x 10,324
6 4 are correct 10.2 percent 121,905x 1.147
7 3 Perfect + SZ 8.7 percent 246,820x 567
8th 3 are correct 41.1 percent 2,221,380x 63
9 2 Right + SZ A fixed amount 1,851,150x 76

The percentages for prize categories 2 through 8 indicate the remaining prize distribution after deducting the fixed prize amount in category 9 and the allocation for prize category 1.

Costs of Participation

Next Lotto “6aus49” You can also participate in additional lotteries like Spiel 77, Super 6 and Der Spin of Fortune to participate. Spiel 77 costs you an extra 2.50 euros, Super 6 costs 1.25 euros. For 5.00 euros you can participate in the lucky spin.

Jackpot Mandatory Distribution

Since September 23, 2020, the following have been used for mandatory payouts: If the jackpot amount exceeds 45 million euros, there is a guaranteed payout. If a player bets on six correct numbers and one super number, the jackpot amount is played as normal. However, if no player reaches Prize Class 1 again, there will be a forced distribution. The amount will then be awarded to the winner of the 2nd category. If this is also empty, the amount goes to the person below it.

Until September 19, 2020, the mandatory payout restriction still applied if there was no outright win in prize category 1 after twelve draws.

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